My Little Photographer and the Little Critters

My daughter RJ was playing outside when she saw these little critters. She rushed to our house and asked for the camera. It was her first time to see real snails and she was so amazed by how they move. When RJ’s playmate disturbed one of the snails, it pulled itself back to its shell. It is the disadvantage of living in a developed place, children rarely see critters like this. I am glad that RJ was able to see it yesterday. Looks like I already have a little photographer. Here are her shots.
little critters
The mommy and baby snails…
The snails love cold weathers and wet places. It was raining for days that is why garden snails are now hibernating on the ground. 
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  1. Nice shots RJ!

  2. Nakakatuwa naman! Dati dito sa likod ng bahay namin maraming ganyan pero nawala nung biglang tinayuan ng bahay.

  3. Your little one did a very good job!

  4. Mel Alarilla says:

    These snails are not indigenous to the Philippines. According to my older relatives, they were brought here by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War. Our own indigenous snails are the dark colored kuhol. But right now, the bigger golden snails are the ones so prevalent in the Phils. Thanks for the informative post. God bless you all always.

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