My Longest Road Trip

Our trip to Isabela, which took us 9 hours, was the longest road trip I had. We were all 15 in the van, including our driver, plus our traveling bags and other things, thus, we traveled on a jampacked van that caused us back pains and strains on the shoulders and nape.

Though it was a fun trip, I still wish to be in a motor home the next time we travel by land. Maintaining a motor home can be more expensive than maintaining a car or van, most especially when in need of a motor home repair, but there’s no more comfortable than traveling in a motor home; you can stretch, lie down and sleep comfortably while traveling not to mention the amenities that you can enjoy.

I hate sitting down for long straight hours but when we travel, I had no choice. So for now that we can’t afford even a secondhand motor home, I will just move my legs and feet, stretch the arms, do neck rolls and turn my body every few hours to avoid back pains and stiffness of muscles. What I don’t know is if I will still enjoy a road trip that is longer than 9 hours.

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By Rossel

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2 replies on “My Longest Road Trip”

you know what, I have never been to Isabela though it is a neighboring province of my province 🙂 sino puntahan nyo sa Isabela?

My longest trip was when we went to Ilocos Norte.. can’t remember how long ti took us.. basta naalala ko lang gabi kame umalis ng Nueva Ecija at hapon na yata kame dumating sa Ilocos.. sayang lang di namin nakita ang sunrise sa Patapat Duct 🙁

We’re always thinking of buying a motor home but the maintenance and the gasoline are our main concern. But someday we will be after we save enough money.

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