My Past

First boyfriend? Waaah! Maa-outside de kulambo na ako for sure and it is all Niko’s fault. lol!

Well, my first boyfriend is my first date and my first kiss. If you read my past 2 entries, then you may remember his name. I was fifteen years old then, 3rd year high school, when my classmate courted me. He’s good looking and kind so I answered him yes. I thought that was puppy love for we were too young but the relationship lasted for 8 years. Yes, 8 years! We’re both college graduate and have our own jobs when we parted ways. We were not allowed to have boyfriends until we finished college so those secret dates made it more memorable. I will be hypocrite if I will say that I didn’t love this man. He’s a great guy and a good person. But then, not all love stories are like fairy tales with happy endings. Of course we both live happily ever after but with our partners now.

Hubby knows our story. I didn’t keep anything from him. I told him about my past before I agreed to marry him. I am so grateful that I have a very understanding and loving husband. God knows who is the best for all of us and He gave me this wonderful man.


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  1. Chana Ratledge says:

    This blog is catching my interest. I have great time reading this. I will be following your blog.

  2. kaming mga lalaki basta alam naman namin na secured kami e ok lang yung past, sempre lahat naman ay meron nakaraan depende na lang kung paano natin sya i-handle di ba, pero isang saludo pa rin kay hubby mo kasi maunawain sya na di tulad ng ibang guy.

  3. Wow! That relationship must be something for it to last that long. Well, at least you married your one true love 🙂

  4. wow! 8 years? if you're not meant for each other talaga, kahit gaano pa katagal, hindi rin magiging kayo sa huli no?

    hope you can visit and leave your mark on my blogs 🙂
    my real story
    my minute maid

  5. Gara..ako bago si hubby, 9 years din akong na-possess ng bad spirit,este ng ex ko…

  6. feRry'z WILL says:

    You've been together for 8 long years… WOW!!!

    You are almost in the world of living together.. hahaha

    pero as you've said di lahat ng love story happy ending… pero better that you got what's best for you now..

    here's mine

  7. To have a husband that you can share everything with is definitely a great thing :)) I am happy for you two <3

    And why were you not allowed to have a boyfriend untill you graduate college? Is that cause of your parents or is it something typical for your country? Just curious 🙂

  8. 8 years?? everything happens for a reason naman.. wala sa tagal ng relationship yun.. pero 8 years ha? tagal.. (haha) at inulit ko pa talaga..

  9. wow… since highschool… we had the same rules NO BF until we finished college.. only difference is ou had the guts to break the rule and I dont… LOL… Luckily we both found our happy endings.
    Have a great weekend ahead

  10. People come into our lives for a reason. They help mold us into who we become. You're lucky to have a husband who knows who you are.

  11. Grabe agal din nun ah, 8 years! Siguro akala nyo kayo na anoh? Ganyantalaga yata, pag di ukol, di bubukol, (sabi nga nila),lol.

    Well, ibinigay naman ng God ang best for you, diba, buti na lang nag break kayo; anyway, di bago yung blog ko na yun, Sel, bagong bihis at title lang 🙂

    thanks for sharing yung past mo ha, i enjoyed reading it.

  12. Wow 8 years!! legend na! kidding, yun sa ex ko nga I thought 3 years was long na for a relationship.. pero yun 8 years parang going to marriage life na yun..pero still kahit hindi man kayo nagkatuluyan masaya naman kayo kung saan at sino kasama nyo ngayon.

  13. Ang tagal ng 8 years ha, tapos di kayo nagkatuluyan. But good thing is God gave you the best.

    Here's mine

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