My Sketch No.4

I made this 8 years ago…
compiled with my other sketches.
Thinking of having them framed.
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  1. naku dpat frame mo yan girl at idisplay.. or soon mag pa art exhibit ka 🙂 why not diba??

  2. nice naman!! napaka artistic mo!!!!

  3. Wow, really nice! You're so talented, Rossel! 🙂

  4. waa… in te? my gosh…very impressive….very artistic…you did a pretty dang good job!

    hope to see some of your arts….:)

  5. Wow, that's a nice sketch you did.!

    Underway! Shift Color
    Sailor's Adventures & Opinions

  6. kahit naman noon pa talented ka na di ba kaya di na ako nagugulat sa mga sketch mo na ganito, kulang na lang dito e yung frame na sinasabi mo..ganda ng pagkaguhit mo nito…salamat sa dalaw mo ha, medyo tinatamaan lang talaga ako ng katamaran sa pag blog..nawala na ata ang pagkahumaling ko..ingat rossel, miss na rin kita…kamusta na lang kay prensip mo..

  7. Great job. Keep it up!

  8. Wowowow, you really are a good artist tokaya… I really like your sketches..

    By the way, do u want to get more followers sa twitter? if you do, may link akong nilagay sa O&G; blog ko na pwedeng mong icheck.. its free to join and you get credits once you follow someone… am sure you'll like it..

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  9. nice sketch!

    i've always been dreaming of becoming a sketch artist but all just remain a dream 🙁

    you're lucky you got the talent!

  10. It's very nice Ross. You have the talent. I still remember few months ago when I first saw your sketch posted in here and I really admire it. Continue enhancing your talent friend.

  11. wow..nice naman po.

  12. wow! I appreciate simple paintings like this. I can feel the tranquility of the scene and the soothing sound of the waves!

    I love your painting sis!!

    It reminds me of cold summer nights — time to have a beach babe body again! :p

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