My Stand on False Beliefs

I saw these two flying critters inside our house, the brown butterfly on the wall and the dragonfly on the picture frame. I remember what my grandmother used to say, that if a black butterfly entered your house, it means the soul of a loved one who passed away is visiting you and if it is a brown butterfly, it means luck, money to be specific, will come your way. I am glad that what we had was a brown butterfly, though until now I am wondering where the money is. Lol! 
Seriously, I do not believe in false beliefs like these. When things do not happen the way we have planned or wanted it to be, we always find reasons to explicate our dissatisfaction and frustrations away. It is because it is easier to blame it on superstitions and bad lucks than to admit our own mistakes and shortcomings. 
False beliefs are hindrance to faith, self-enrichment and progress. What bad is, many of us still live with these misconceptions and are passing it to future generations resulting to their incorrect reasoning and false values. 
Do not get me wrong. I have no any intention to denounce anyone or offend anyone in any way. I am respecting others’ beliefs most specially if it has to do with their religion and culture, I just want to share my opinions and stand on false beliefs.

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