My Valentine’s Dates

We won’t go out this Sunday, Valentine’s Day. We will just order foods, buy cake and ice cream and watch the TV series we downloaded. We will stay in the house the whole day, most probably in the bedroom because there is where we spend most of our time when RJ and hubby are home. The heat is scorching and our bedroom is the only airconditioned room in our house. It will be just an ordinary weekend, except maybe for the foods ,but I am excited for it will be a great bonding again for the three of us.

I will be spending my whole Sunday with my two dates……my forever Valentine’s Dates.

Who is your Valentine’s Date? Share it with all the girls in…

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  1. Okay lang kahit hindi kayo lumabas basta magkakasama ang family masaya na yun.

    BTW, I've got another award for you

  2. ferry'zWILL says:

    Yun un oh!!!
    sweet sweet naman….
    valentines date sa bed….


    Good Luck

  3. i have a tag for you can find it here.

  4. Ang cute namn ng pic ng mag ama mo! Ayos lang yan simple celebration.Happy Valentine's day!

  5. Ang cute naman ng dates mo tokaya!

    I have a tag for you here.

  6. Bonding time! That sounds nice <3 enjoy your day and also all the food *drools* 😉

  7. so cute ng pictures ng dates mo… Same here, sa home sweet home lang =) di na uso kasi ang labas labas

    mine is here

  8. we might just stay home din on valentines day but still special day for us.. great bonding moment. ang sweet dad-daughter in the pic.
    btw, added your blog in my list..
    my new blog

  9. naku nagkaduling duling ako kakahanap ng comments eh nasa right side lang pala.. di lang ako marunong bumasa.. haha!!!

    kung kayo eh nasa room para magpalamig, kame namang mag-anak eh nasa ilalim ng kumot para magpainit.. haha!!! ang lamig lamig!!!

    hhmm.. maka order na nga lang din kaya? hehehe…

  10. Same here too. We will celebrate it at home with the kids.

    Happy Valentines !

  11. hello Mommy Rossel. Hope you're doing better now. Its nice to be visit you here once again. love the new look of your blog.

    btw, off the topic…i'd like to invite you here mommy:

    it's fast and easy to join..nothing to lose. hope you can take a look at it..see ya! 😀

  12. Happy Valentine's Rossel. Regards to Ronel and RJ.

  13. sarap naman Happy Valentines!

  14. How sweet. Anyway, Happy Valentines day to you and your dates na rin.

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