My Would Be Car

I do not know anything about cars as we do not have one. But if ever I’ll get the chance to have a car of my own, I want it to be black. I have read somewhere that black cars are not good as it is accident prone at night, it’s hotter inside and it shows dirt. Too many negative feedback on black cars but let’s face it, black cars look great and more sophisticated.

My would-be car doesn’t have to be Lamborghini, Porsche, or Benz. All it has to be is black in color.

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  1. me as well!! I want a sedan with a sleek black color… very chic!!
    Happy Chic Monday!!
    Chic in Black Coat

  2. Eric Graham says:

    You may want to like Bentley Flying Spur or Continental GT in black. Very classy in style.

  3. black is a classy color especially in cars 🙂 i agree with you 🙂

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