Natural Talent for Music

RJ is also musically inclined. She loves to sing, play organ, guitar (which I will feature next week) and now she loves beatboxing. My youngest brother has beatbox and RJ loves playing it. No one taught her how to play so it is amazing that she develops rhythmical feeling and beats as she plays.

little girl playing RJ playing beatbox with guitar accompaniment from her Uncle Moises

little girl playing

smiling to Mommy while beatboxing...

I took guitar and piano lessons when I was in grade school but didn’t learn a bit. I love music too and I can carry a tune in a bucket but seems like my hands and fingers have the passion of their own and that is arts and crafts. We are glad that RJ has this natural talent for music. Of course not all kids who loves music will become singers or musicians someday…it’s not our goal anyway, but still we want to stimulate and enhance RJ’s love for music by supporting her all the way.


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  1. Good for RJ. Hope she continues and you support her all the way. Who knows, she might be in the limelight also as singer and performer:)

  2. your daughter is talented sana ganyan din baby ko paglaki 🙂

  3. Mars @ The Life Encounters says:

    Wow! Such a musically inclined girl! 🙂 I’m sure she’ll be a great musician someday.

  4. Samec here! I had piano lessons before and Mom bought me a guitar but I never learned even one of them. I guess you have to be a born musician. 🙂 Congrats for having an immensely talented daughter!

  5. very talented naman ang rj mo sis 🙂

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  6. Oh she is talented sometimes skills are in born and your kid is. BTW mine is up please check thanks

  7. wow, galing naman very talented sana madevelop din ng daughter ko ito she’s 3 and mukhang love nya ang music!

  8. You are a musically inclined family. No wonder RJ got her musical aptitude from you. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  9. wow! you have a future musician. Go..go RJ. Happy PF.

  10. such a talented girl. i also wanted to learn guitar but i lack the persistence and patience to learn it. LOL!

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