New Dining Room Set for Us

Kitchen is my favorite part of our house, obviously because I love to cook. This is where I spend most of my time second of course to our bedroom where our PC can be located. But if you are going to ask my husband, the dining area is his favorite part, simply because he loves to eat, lol! Seriously, because this is where we enjoy our food and have a good talk about the things that happened in each day that makes our dining area more than just a place for us.

I am planning to have the area repainted and change other things in there. I want also to buy a new Dining Room Set. Well, the one we are using right now is still in good condition except for the few scratches on the chairs, but we are using it for ten years now. I want a stylish one with six chairs just like the Etro Glass Dining table (shown in the picture above). It will be perfect for our small dining area. Its stylish design will bring grace and a whole lot of charm to any dining room including ours.

Having a good dining area is important to us. It will not just make us enjoy our food more but it will also represent a good quality time with my loved ones.

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