New Internet Provider and Web Application

We are having problems again with our internet connection. Loading is sooo slow and when my husband checked the speed of our connection at around 9 p.m. the other night, this is the result: download 80 kbps, upload 150 kbps., which is supposedly higher because our provider said they upgraded it to 1mbps and yet we only got 10% of the ISP average. Grrr! Now, we are planning of shifting to Globe Broadband. Based on my research, Globe Broadband is reliable and consumers are rating it 8/10.
Another thing that is good about Globe is they always have new web applications to offer. Ever heard of Gloo? Gloo is an application launched by Globe Broadband and was developed through a partnership between Globe Labs and Berkadoods, Inc. It is like nothing you have ever seen on the internet. Unlike social networking sites, you can make your own scrapbook on Gloo and write things on canvass and tweak on pictures on real time. You can combine your Facebook pictures, website images and videos on spaces where you, your friends or family can collaborate in real time. Amazing isn’t it? I just signed-up and tried making my scrapbook. I posted my pictures taken with my high school bestfriends on our reunion last January 9.
We met after so many years and these pictures are treasured ones. I sent this through MMS and I invited them to sign-up on Gloo. Like me, they enjoyed this application. We didn’t just chat but also doodle and did the scrapbooking online together at the same time.There are many ways to enjoy Gloo. It can be used as collaboration tool for business and meetings, you can help your children with their homework even if you are out, you can chat with your loved ones or send them SMS and MMS, you can pull pictures and videos on the internet and share it, and many more possible ways. Gloo is a great application to enjoy with your family and friends. Inquire about Gloo now and start bonding with your friends and your families abroad.

I am so excited on our new internet connection. Looking forward too on tweaking more pictures online with my bestfriends. I am on Gloo now, guys. Hurry up!

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