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My husband and I love watching movies but we are too lazy to go to movie house. We applied for a cable connection but they were featuring the same movies for a month and mostly old ones so we decided to cut it off. Besides, we are cutting expenses and cable is the least important. Now, we are just downloading movies from the net but more often than not, the links are not working. My husband searched for other websites where we can download and watch our favorite films until he discovered New Movies for Free, a website wherein you can watch films online for free. You can even download films free. All their links are working. We have downloaded six movies and we haven’t encountered any problem so far.
In fact, I just watched Twilight the other night. This is an adaptation of the bestselling Stephenie Meyer novel top billed with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. I’ve watched this film when it was first released but watched it again for I find it very romantic.

Watching free films online is just perfect for film fanatics like us. Aside from the fact that it’s free, all movies are new and it’s very convenient to watch film at home while eating the snack I prepared. We don’t have to go to theaters or rent DVD outside.

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  1. i also love downloading movies i missed watching on cinemas… usually i download tv series i like the most ^_^

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