No More Promises This 2011

I am back after almost 3 weeks of hiatus from blogging. My daughter RJ had her 3 weeks school break and Rhonnel had her 2 weeks vacation leave. I took advantage of that and spent most of my time with them this past holiday season. The three of us really had great times together and I am beginning to miss that now that Rhonnel is back in the office and much more tomorrow I think for RJ will be back to school. I will be alone again for 6 hours, 5 days in a week, starting tomorrow, the loneliest moments in my life.

So what’s up for me this 2011? The truth is I do not have any plans though I have new years’ resolution and that is to work harder to help my family and my in-laws and to buy myself a DSLR. I do not want to make any promises about changing some of my attitudes or traits as they mostly remain as promises. So no more promises this 2011 except for working harder which I know a certified workaholic like me can do with flying colors. Lol!

Now that I am back, expect more of me in the blogniverse and Facebook as well. I will try my best not to miss any task and meme. I will start this year right but as I have just said, no more promises. Happy New Year everyone!

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By Rossel

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