Nobody Dance Craze

“Nobody” is the title of the hit song from the South Korean girl group Wonder Girls. This is aired everyday on FM stations. RJ and all the girls in the neighborhood are dancing every time they hear this song. I was so curious about Nobody so I searched for a video on You Tube and found this one, Wonder Girls Nobody US Debut Single. This video made me dance. lol! I love the coreography. No wonder there’s a Nobody dance craze.


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  1. We got hit by the nobody craze too ha! Hehehe!

  2. hahahaha i love the last part! Kumusta na Mommy Rossel, di ako masyado nakakpagbloghop.. hay dami gawain ng mommy..

  3. even the little girls in my neighborhood knew how to sing this song!

  4. Kahit saan naririnig ko ang kantang to.. Malamang sa kumbento may kumakanta din neto.. Sa house of representative nalang ata di kinakanta to eh..

  5. I love Wonder Girls 'So Hot' mv!!They're so H-O-T!!

  6. I love it Ross. Those women are so cute. They are really good. I want to dance while watching it in youtube.

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