Observing Lent

Holy Week in the Christian year is the week immediately before Easter. On Ash Wednesday, Catholics begin the forty-day season called Lent which precedes the celebration of Easter, Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

It is during this season that Filipino Christians are reminded of their cultural heritage and it is the best time to reflect on their lives. I remember when we were still living in the province, my whole family used to participate in our town procession, pray the 14 station of the cross and attend mass on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Now, we are not practicing the same but still observing the Lent so I won’t be online from Maundy Thursday until Good Friday. All posts that you will read here on those days are all scheduled posts. No blog hopping, no Facebook, Twitter, etc. But I promise that I will visit as much site as I can on Black Saturday onwards.

“What then is the justice of Christ?
Above all, it is the justice that comes from grace,
where it is not man who makes amends,
heals himself and others.”
~ Pope Benedict XVI’s
2010 Lenten Message~

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