Off from Blogging

I am not feeling very well these past days. It is very cold in the morning and the heat is scorching at noon time. The weather here is weird and I can’t bear it. As much as I want to use the aircon the whole day, I can’t because there was an advisory that Meralco will increase their generation charge because of the crude oil increase in world market . It made me feel worst and much worst when RJ went home yesterday and told me that their exam will be on Monday.

Imagine exams on 7 subjects will be on Monday and Tuesday and the pointers were just given yesterday. What do these teachers think of the Moms and the kids, super beings? Supposedly I can finish the reviewers today, RJ needs to study those 7 subjects in just 2 days. Poor RJ, she can’t go out and play this weekend because of her inconsiderate teachers. They should have given the pointers earlier.

I will be off from blogging this weekend for I will make the reviewers. I don’t know if I can find time to make even one post for each site each day. I am keeping my fingers crossed though.

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  1. Good luck RJ.. Para namang telegram yang notice ano tokaya.. Am sure kayang kaya nyo yan matalino naman si RJ eh..

  2. mommy, get some rest. hope you're feeling better now…

  3. get well soon Rossel! Grabe naman mga teachers na'yan, kawawa naman si RJ

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