Office Safety Essentials: 6 Steps to Maintaining a Safe Office Environment

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Creating and maintaining a safe work environment should be a priority for any business owner. Safe employees are happy and productive employees, not to mention the fact that keeping workers and work areas safe complies with OSHA standards.

If you’re a business owner who strives to maintain office safety for your employees, make sure you address the following areas:

1. Keep Worker’s Compensation Insurance Up to Date

We all hope no one has to use it, but every business needs workers’ compensation insurance just in case. Not only is this type of coverage mandatory in most states, but having it protects your business from the high cost of medical bills should one of your employees get hurt on the job. You can get a workers’ compensation insurance quote online from most providers – just be sure to compare features and prices to get the best policy for your needs.

2. Keeping Things Clean and Tidy is an Office Safety Essential

Keeping a clean and organized work area is an office safety essential. It will help prevent accidents and injuries. So take care to remove any visible hazards, and encourage your staff to report any risks or violations they witness. OSHA regulations exist for a reason, and your business must be in compliance. So make sure you are addressing any unsafe situations as quickly as possible to prevent accidents or injuries before they occur.

office safety essential

Office Safety Essential – Photo by kate.sade on Unsplash

3. Make Sure Employees are Trained

Safety training should be conducted as part of the onboarding process and then periodically as new processes and procedures are created to further increase safety in the workplace. Make sure your team members understand the proper way to lift and carry heavy objects, what to do in case of chemical spills, what type of PPE (personal protective equipment) they should be wearing, and any other special safety rules that pertain to the job they are doing.

4. Provide the Proper Equipment for the Job

Employees can only carry out their daily tasks correctly and safely if they have the right equipment and quality office furniture. Quality office furniture will give your employees the right conditions to keep them motivated and maintain the air of professionalism your business needs. The equipment must also be well-maintained. Making do with tools and machines that aren’t made for the task or attempting to use broken-down equipment can quickly result in injury.

Don’t let your workers use inadequate or incorrect equipment while on the job, and encourage them to report broken or ill-functioning machines or tools when they see them to ensure your everyone’s safety while on the clock.

5. Display Visual Safety Reminders

You can never have too many safety reminders posted throughout your business. Use digital and/or paper signage to remind workers how to lift properly, what to do if they get something in their eyes, and any other relevant messages. You may think they aren’t seeing these signs and that you’re wasting money posting them, but in the event of an accident, having the right instructions in the right place might just make a world of difference.

6. Make Being Safe Fun

While the subject of safety isn’t all that entertaining, you can make being safe at work fun by providing comical videos about safety and offering incentives for following the set protocols. For instance, if your employees have remained accident-free for six months, a small bonus on their paychecks will encourage them to keep it up.

Maintaining office safety is essential because not only does it keep your staff from getting hurt, but it also ensures your business is compliant with OSHA regulations. Workplace safety doesn’t have to be a challenge as long as you follow the helpful tips above.

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