Once an Addict is Not Always an Addict

They say that once an addict is always an addict. I do not believe in this saying. I have an uncle who was a drug dependent but I have witnessed how he transformed slowly back to his normal self with the help of a good cocaine addiction rehab center and of course with the support and love of his family. 
Why do people become drug dependent by the way? Nobody I guess tried to become addicted to drugs. But because of the problems that they thought they would never be able to handle, drug dependency creep up slowly. They will start with a bottle of wine, a stick of marijuana then will go for methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin. These people somehow find comfort in these prohibited drugs. Drugs make them feel good, fill their emptiness and help them forget their problems, at least for that moment. Drug addiction became a nationwide problem. Not only those who came from poor families are hooked on drugs. Just recently a young Congressman, who is a son of an influential politician, was held in Hongkong for illegal drugs. 
With the help of drug rehabs and support groups, overcoming an addiction is not really impossible these days. However, choosing a drug rehabilitation treatment program can be a daunting task. That is why there are drug rehabilitation referral services that are designed to help you in finding the best treatment for your individual situation. Of course different addictions have different rehabilitation programs to follow so it is best for a cocaine dependent to be confined on a cocaine addiction rehab and a heroin dependent on a heroin rehab. The battle to overcome addiction is a tough one. First, the person must admit that he needs professional help and has the desire to straighten himself. Second, find the best rehabilitation center for his situation. Third, the family should understand him and give the support and love he needs. 
Yes, once an addict is not always an addict. People can change. You just have to give them the chance to do that. 
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2 thoughts on “Once an Addict is Not Always an Addict

  1. Yes, a rehab can do wonders for a drug addict. Look at Mark Antony Fernandez now. He used to be a drug addict before and has gone to several rehabs already. But now he finally kicked the habit and is now doing good as an actor. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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