One Spoiled Girl

RJ is looking forward to their investiture and camping this 2012. It is her first time to be away from home for a day that is why. But if there is one person who is more excited for her, it is hubby. He came home one day with a tent that he ordered online. It is just an overnight camping in school so RJ can just share a tent with her classmate but hubby prefers to have RJ’s own tent.

Green Tent


RJ's TentRJ trying and enjoying her new tent

It is a nice big tent, enough to accommodate the three of us.

Hubby and I grew up with poor parents who can’t provide us everyting we need. Now that hubby has a good job, he makes sure to give RJ everything she needs. I am sure if we have snow here, he will buy RJ MSR Snowshoes too. One spoiled girl. But hubby said, he is not spoiling RJ (he’s so defensive, don’t you think?)…he just loves her so much.

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9 thoughts on “One Spoiled Girl

  1. I understand your point of view perfectly Rossel, but I also identify with your husband. They’re not children for long and it is natural to want to give them everything you can.I’m the same with my son.
    Thanks for all your viewings of my blog this year and best wishes to you and your family for 2012.

  2. lucky are our kids for they did not pass through the hardships we experienced before 🙂 my husband is also the one who is into spoiling our kids, i am always the kontrabida as my kids call it, hehe

  3. I think your hubby is not spoiling RJ. He only wants to give what he thinks RJ would love to have.. hihi
    btw, if you have time, I have a pm for you.. I just message in FB.. TIA.

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