Online Shopping Tricks to Save Even More Money

Most shopaholics already know that making purchases online is a great way to save, but with such a wide range of competition out there some sites offer better deals than others. To find the biggest deals on the internet, you have to be willing to put a bit of time and effort into hunting them down. The following are a few tricks that you can use to save even more money when shopping online.

online shopping

Use Shopbots

Websites like act as powerful search engines, trolling through different results to find the best prices for any given product. Google has a shopping section which also fulfills this purpose. It’s worth using these virtual shopping robots in order to see the average prices given by different online retailers. This will ensure that you’re getting the best possible deal, and could give you bargaining power for price negotiations.

Search Local Marketplaces

One of the best ways to find deep discounts on both new and used products is to shop at online marketplaces. The biggest names in this category include eBay and Amazon, but localized companies are quickly catching up. Quicksales offers an app for ease of searching and is localized to Australian buyers and sellers, for example. There are local Craigslist and Gumtree sales boards that hold everything under the sun as well. You can save money buying from local sellers who are unwilling to ship their products, meaning that they will probably receive lower bids for them. Recent advertising for and other websites of this nature means that their exposure is rising, so they’re worth checking regularly for the best deals.

Collect Online Coupons

Although you’ll see many items already listed on sale, you can usually receive even further discounts if you find manufacturer coupons online. These are often sold through eBay and other sources, and major retailers often run discount days on their products. It’s worth signing up for daily deals services like Groupon and Living Social, which have expanded beyond simply offering deals on services to include consumer products as well.

Consider Outlet Shopping

It’s difficult for high street brands to store their extensive collection of clearance stock in their shops, because they have to make way for new products. At the same time they want to get rid of this stock, and many choose to sell it at heavily discounted prices online. Some will include clearance sections on their main website, while others will have separate outlet stores. These could be stored on the main website, like ASOS, or they could be hidden, as with Monsoon. A quick Google search for the high street brand of your choice and “outlet” could reveal a hidden treasure trove of discounted stock on eBay.

Savvy shoppers love the thrill of the hunt, and even with the abundance of search tools there’s always the thrill that comes with stumbling across an unexpected great deal. By taking the time to compare options from different online retailers, you can take advantage of the deepest discounts.

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