Organic Vegetables in Pots

Having a vegetable garden was one of my frustrations. It would be nice if my family will have home-grown organic vegetables on our table but what we bought is a row house that has no free space for gardening so I ended up planting ornamental plants in pots.

I was watching a home and living show one day when the show featured container gardening. The show gave me an idea. Why not? There are dwarf varieties of fast-growing vegetables that can be planted and adapt well in pots. So the next day, I removed all my ornamental plants and planted vegetables instead.

I have cucumber and bitter gourd. I can’t wait to see them climb on our terrace’s grills. I also have tomato, onion, ginger, jute plant (saluyot), cayenne (labuyo) and the fragrant screw pine (pandan). I am planning to plant mustards and eggplant but I am still looking for good seeds.

jute plant


I did some research as well and found out that pasted mixed cayenne, garlic and onion is the best organic pesticide. I will try that and will do another blog post if it is effective or not.

In just a few months or maybe weeks the fruits of these organic vegetables in pots will add color not just in front of our house but most especially on our table. We are so excited to harvest and taste the first fruits.

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6 thoughts on “Organic Vegetables in Pots

  1. I always wanted to have a garden but my house is surrounded by tiles. So I can only plant in the pots. And that too in the terrace and around the house(semi-ventilated-shady area).

  2. this is a very nice idea sis, pero kami we have planted veggies in our backyard, medyo malaki kasi ang backyard namin ehehehe pero if nasa city ako, siguro ganyan din gagawin ko ehehe

  3. I have some ornamental plants in pots too mommy Rossel (binibili ko lang). Just like you, I also want to have my own organic vegetables (in pots) but I am afraid to plant one since I don’t have a green thumb baka mamatay malulungkot ako…

  4. Gardening is one of my favorite hobby. I have eggplants, labuyo, watermelon and tomatoes too.

    Where did you get your saluyot seeds? I wanna plant them too 🙂

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