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Although a lot of emphasis is quite correctly put on the educational side of being at school (i.e. the actual things and subjects you learn while you’re in the classroom), it’s important to remember that it’s outside lesson time where children learn to act and behave in everyday life, shaping them into the adults they will grow up to be.

It’s a fact of life that in order to succeed at work we need to be able to do a lot more than name the capital of Peru or be able to do long division by hand rather than using a calculator. We also need to be able to work as part of a team, to show initiative and leadership when it’s called for, to support other people if necessary and to display social skills and manners at all times. While those things often develop completely naturally, there’s nothing wrong with giving things a bit of a helping hand and having some fun at the same time.

Educational trips are all the rage at schools around the UK at the moment, but there are fewer institutions which offer school adventure trips as well. These trips, as the name suggests, are less about learning and more about experiencing new things, pushing yourself and forging new relationships in the face of adversity. Although parents might be more reluctant to shell out for their children to go on a trip that doesn’t have any obvious cultural value, it should be stressed to them that these trips are equally valuable, perhaps more so, as the skills formed and developed here will go on to benefit the child throughout their entire lives rather than just at exam time.

There are companies which specialise in the planning and execution of these adventure trips for schools, with their own complexes situated in various locations, from mountains to lakes, around mainland Europe. This ensures that there is a wide range of challenging and fun activities to take part in over a week or ten days or so, from waterskiing and go-karting to rock climbing and hiking, though obviously certain activities can only be done in certain places. Centre staff are all fully trained and qualified to handle groups of schoolchildren, with rigorous safety measures taken to ensure that no-one gets hurt.

The main thing that needs to be organised before you leave is the accommodation – where are you going to be able to comfortably house a largeish group of kids and adults for a week? Fortunately, many of the companies that manage and maintain these adventure centres have their own fully staffed accommodation onsite, with meals using locally-sourced ingredients included. They may also have connections with airlines and coach transport companies, offering the possibility of a discount – all you have to do is tell them when you want to arrive and leave (which you’d be doing anyway). That takes care of pretty much everything as far as organisation is concerned, meaning that you can just turn up on the appointed day and enjoy the week as it comes.

These trips can be invaluable for confident and more withdrawn students alike, so they’re certainly worth considering if you’re a parent or teacher – search online for quotes from relevant companies today.

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