Our Baby is Now a Little Lady

This picture was taken when RJ was 3 months old.
After seven years, this is her.
This was taken last Saturday before her birthday party.

Time really flies so fast. She’s now a little lady.
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  1. clarissa- hahaha! pinatawa mo na naman ako.

    shy- hi! sana hindi sya gumaya sa akin na 15y/o pa lang e may bf na. takot daw ako sa sarili kong multo sabi ng husband ko.lol!

    rache- thanks sa pagdaan at thanks din sa award.

    liz- namiss ko comment mo liz. tama ka…gwardyado talaga sa akin pag teenager na sya.lol!

    sue- thanks! you have beautiful kids too.

    analou- hi ann. ok naman ang party…masaya. nag-enjoy lahat lalo na sa dance number namin. you can see our dance video here…


  2. Cute baby picture. And she is so cute now too. Great pictures.

  3. hello Ross. Time really runs so fast. Few years from now she will finish school and have her own job. She is indeed cute. How's the party Ross? I remember you, your hubby and the birthday girl will have a dance number. How's its going?

  4. They grow before we even know it. She is so adorable when baby, and now a pretty young thing…You're lucky. Take care of her and guard her from having BFs, hahahaha!!!

  5. wow ganda ng baby girl mo… ang bilis ng panahon talaga…
    meron pala ko blog award for you
    —> here
    thanks for following my blog..

  6. Naku!!Maraming paluluhaing guys yang dalaga mo,Mommy Rossel!!Again,Happy Birthday,dearie!!^_^

    btw,have you already read this one??

  7. iamhoney- thank you! nag-blush naman ako doon. very flattering.

  8. Dee- thank you Dee! It's been a while. How are you?

  9. chubskulit- minsan napapagusapan namin ni Rhonnel yan pero parang ayoko ko pang isipin. waaah!

  10. walkw/me- thank you!

  11. She'll grow up to be a fine young lady like her mom ^_^

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter! God bless!

  13. Oo nga mommy rossel, may dalaga ka na.. ten more years may aali aligid na dyan sa inyo hahahha..

  14. Time flies so fast tlga, and soon she will have a boyfriend lol..

  15. Your baby is so cute.

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