Our Convertible Couch

We can now feel the Christmas breeze. So as to save on electricity, Rhonnel and I are sleeping on the couch in our sala with the main door open to give way to the chilly December air. No need to turn on the air conditioner. 
You might be wondering how we can sleep on the couch. Our couch is a space-saving sofa by day and sleeper by night. It is one of the first furniture we bought when we got married almost eleven years ago and I am proud to say that it is still in a very good condition. It is made of a durable heavy-duty frame that can accommodate any full-size mattress and can be folded and un-folded easily. If you have a small house and you have no enough space but you always wanted to offer your guest a place to spend the night, I suggest you buy a couch like this that is convertible and allows inventive use of space. It is also perfect for studio apartments where space is limited.
Before buying a couch it is important to know the exact space of the place that it will occupy. It should also be sized appropriately for your family. Its beauty, practicality and durability is also worth keeping in mind. 
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  1. Yes, having a couch that also serves as a spare bed is a convenient addition in one's house. That the couch was bought when you were just starting and it is still strong and sturdy is a testament to its durability. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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