Our Curious Girl

“Why do I have to change my surname when I get married?” That was our smart girl’s question one morning while we were having our breakfast. We do not know why such question suddenly popped up her mind. Seem like our girl is getting more curious about things everyday. When she was still a toddler she used to ask questions about the nature and her surroundings. But now that she is eight years old, she is more curious about life and some social issues. Why do children now are so smart? Sometimes they give us brainstorming questions. They will not stop asking questions until they are satisfied with our answers.

Now that our daughter learned to analyze things and can understand cause and effect, hubby and I decided to talk to her more often and to guide her. If not, she might end up like Alice whose curiosity led her down the rabbit hole all the way to the adventure-filled Wonderland.

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