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I am back with the new headers for this site and for Mom’s Ups and Downs. Just made them today. It’s only now that I got the chance to change my headers. Got very busy these past weeks preparing and doing things for RJ’s 7th birthday.

I made a layout of her tarpauline. These are pictures of her from baby to present…
I was also the one who made her giveaways. I bought a ballet dancer figurine. Then I printed a tag put the figurine inside the plastic with the tag and put a ribbon.

I was busy too looking for a magician and coordinating with the Shakey’s manager where we had the celebration. Then we had rehearsals for a special dance number. Yes, Rhonnel and I danced with RJ. Everybody was surprised because when the host introduced RJ and said she’ll do a dance number with her back-up dancers, they didn’t expect that RJ’s back up dancers are us. We danced Jai Ho of Pussycat Dolls. Haven’t done it for years. We did it for fun and we enjoyed it.


Hope you enjoyed watching it too. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Wow ross ang galing. Ang saya ninyo. Buti naman iyong asawa mo pumayag. If I know, iyong iba dyan away sumayaw dahil nahihiya. I like the family atmosphere. Take care kayo dyan always.

  2. clarissa- thanks rissa. ayoko nga sanang mag-split sya kase baka mapilayan pero sabi nya marunong daw sya so nag-split sya. aba, kinaya nga!

  3. Nag-enjoy naman ako sa sayaw nyo ng buong family nyo,Mommy Rossel!!Ang lambot ng katawan ni RJ on her last part–split!!\(^0^)/Ang saya-saya ng party nyo!!

  4. marveling- thank you! katuwaan lang kaya kami sumayaw. natuwa naman silang lahat.

  5. dhemz- hahaha! nagrurunong-runungan lang. sige pag uwi mo ng Pinas turuan kita.lol!

  6. ang galing galing namang sumayaw ni ate hahahaha.. di rin nagpatalo si daddy and syempre da best si RJ.. ang saya!

  7. woi te, dko alam galing mong sumayaw…pwede paturo…natural na natural eh….ganda naman nito…buong family…thanks for sharing….:)

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