Our Favorite Place

We love parks. We love to spread mat on the grass and laze on it, watch the sky, the birds and the pines. We love to feel the cold wind brushing our face, breathe fresh air and to be away from the noisy busy streets of the Metro. We love fresh vegetables, strawberry jam and Good Shepherd’s halaya. In other words, we love Baguio City. The place that is close to our hearts. No, it’s not our hometown and I do not have relatives there. But this is the place where Rhonnel and I spent our first vacation together before we got married. It is also the mute witness to our honeymoon and it’s the place for RJ’s first out of town vacation. The place is relaxing, the foods are superb and the people are nice. Most of all, it’s the most accessible and affordable destination for a long “us time”.

Baguio City is our favorite place for vacations but of course we cannot go there every week. So if we want to unwind and breathe fresh air for a while we either go to Quezon Memorial Circle (the nearest park to our place) or U.P. (on Sundays only for the car-less oval). I just sprawl on the mat while watching Rhonnel and RJ play.

But we spend most of our free time in our small home, watching movies the whole day. That’s the best time I have with my family.


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  1. sweeet time sis. 😀

  2. naks dito pala kayo naghoneymoon ng hubby mo. hihi. tama naman. we go to where is accessible to us, and parks are a great place to spend time with your loved ones 🙂

  3. baguio talaga comes first place when it comes to park noh? i mean compare sa ibang places sa phils.

    nice time with the family sis. see you around.

  4. thanks for dropping by …

    oo nga ganda talaga diyan malamig.. kaso ang layo sa Davao… Merry Christmas..

  5. chubskulit says:

    Di ko pa nadadala sa Baguio tong kabarangay ko hehehe… I have been in Baguio once, will share it someday hehehe…

    Love how you wrote this article tokaya parang artist hehehe..

  6. thanks sis.. Baguio sana ang ipopost q pero dahil sa dami ng nega na nangyari sa taon na to Manoaog is the best place so far.. Sweet ha mute witness hihihihi

  7. Yes park is the best place to go especially when you are with your love one’s. Daming park nag post hehehe

  8. indeed park is the best place for the family. nice pictures and post. cheers!

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