Our Health Resolutions for 2011

I do not have any new year’s resolution. I stopped making promises either as more often than not they remain as promises until the year ends. How about health resolutions? Every year Rhonnel and I are starting our diet program but it is only good for a month or two. We are too lazy to work out and more so we both love to eat. For us, dieting is like depriving ourselves from the only vice we have and that is eating. Our solution for the weight gain? Gym for Rhonnel and Biguerlai tea for me.

Since the first day of 2011 I am taking Biguerlai tea. No, it is not a slimming tea, it is a laxative but it can also reduce excess fats and extra body fluids. Biguerlai is good for people like me who has slow metabolism.

As for Rhonnel, he will start his gym sessions on the 15th of this month. It will take few hours of his day but I am glad that he has the keenness, finally! We will also try our best to lessen our fatty foods intake and will eat more veggies and fruits for that fiber we need.

To confess, we will do these not because we are health buffs. It is because we both had hard times fitting clothes when we went shopping last December.

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5 thoughts on “Our Health Resolutions for 2011

  1. Hi Rossel! Got here thru the PMB group on FB and following you thru GFC. Hope you can follow both my blogs too: Nshima Servings and transfor.MAY.tion. Incidentally, transfor.MAY.tion is my health and fitness blog, a document of my journey to becoming fitter. I hope you too can get the benefits of going to the gym, not just your husband. 🙂

  2. I hope you and your hubby will be able to stick to your health resolution for the whole year through. I suggest you research the internet about the safety of Chinese slimming teas. They can cause lbm and the thinning of the stomach walls. Biguerlai advertise itself as a slimming tea. Just a word of caution from a friend. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Hi Rossel…I’ve been wanting to try Biguerlai Tea, I think I’ll be giving it a shot this time hehe…goodluck to us 😀

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