What Would Happen In Case Of A Trucking Transportation Failure

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Trucking transportation is one of the competitive forces in business and a major player in the domestic and global economy. It is the physical act of linking industries to supply chain partners like suppliers and consumers, thus playing a key role in influencing consumers’ satisfaction with the company. What most people do not realize is that almost 1/3 of all the freights moved in the US is made by trucking transportation. This covers everything from manufacturing, waste removal, food, and medicine.

If the trucking industry is put to a halt, the nation will temporarily halt. What most people fail to realize is that if th trucking transportation stops, multiple critical industries will begin to feel the consequences within the next 24 hours. In this article, we look into the importance of the trucking transportation sector and what it is all about. We discuss the consequences that follow after the trucking transportation sector fails.

What Is Trucking Transportation?

Trucks or trucking transportation begin their economic contribution by moving raw materials to the manufacturers. This includes raw materials for local businesses like quarries, farms, mines, and logging locations, to factories and processing plants that need the materials to create products. After that, finished products are again moved by trucks to retailers and wholesalers or to other transportation linkages to be shipped by air, airplane, rail, or ship. Products are then delivered to their points of destination around the area, region, country, or world.

Most trucking companies see to it that their trucks are in good running condition to be able to deliver what they promise. In case of a truck break down on the road, most truck drivers find trailer repair near me services to get an immediate solution. Here are the possible consequences that could happen if the trucking transportation fails.

Inaccessibility To Essential Products

Trucking transportation is one of the most important economic activities for a business. By delivering goods from the source to their designated locations where they are needed and on demand, transportation serves as the crucial factor connecting the company to its customers and suppliers. It is a significant activity in the functions of logistics backing the economic utilities of time and place. Time utility refers to the access of the customers when they demand the product.

Place utility, on the other hand, is the ability of the customers to have the product available at the location where they demand it. Truck transportation companies always make sure that their trucks are well maintained and well serviced to prevent problems on the road. They also ensure that they keep their end of getting the products available to customers and businesses. When an unexpected truck malfunction occurs, some drivers find trailer repair services handy when out of range of their service department.

Massive Job Loss

If the truck transportation industry fails, there will be a massive loss of jobs. There are approximately 7 million people working in the trucking sector, 50 percent of whom are drivers. In the US alone, there are over 800,000 truck drivers bringing home around $30 billion of annual earnings. In the US, 80 percent of the communities are dependent on the trucking sector in bringing to them the goods they need for their day to day activities.

Inability to Properly Serve Customers

Failure of trucking transportation is often the reason for businesses’ inability to meet the needs of its customers. Late deliveries could cause complaints and service issues. Additionally, it could damage products while in the move. OS&D, or over, short, and damaged deliveries could frustrate consumers that could result in customer dissatisfaction and a tendency to purchase their products from competitors.

Economic Implications

In a matter of 24 hours after the trucking industry shuts down due to a terrorist attack or to a natural disaster, the delivery of pharmaceutical and medical supplies will stop and hospitals will soon run out of supplies. Gas stations will start running out of fuel and long lines will start at fuel pumps. Delivery of packages and mail will stop within 24 hours if no trucking service. If all the trucks are pulled off the road, perishable goods will run short within three days, drinking water would be lost in two weeks to one month, food supplies in the hospitals would run out in 24 hours, and ATMs would run out of cash in three days.

Trucking transportation is indeed crucial in our everyday survival and in our economy. Truck owners and drivers know this role. To be able to play their part, they always make sure that their vehicles are properly serviced and well-maintained.

5 Interior Designers that Focus on Sustainability

interior designPhoto by Marta Dzedyshko from Pexels

One of the new buzzwords in the realm of design is sustainable. In this era of climate change, alongside the call to adopt a waste-free lifestyle, interior designers have stepped up their game to come up with and execute concepts for cutting down on energy and water consumption and making use of materials that are recycled, recyclable, or do not add to pollution in the surroundings. Who are the faces and firms behind this new wave, especially in interior design? Learn more about some of the cutting-edge names in the business here!


Among the longest standing names in interior design, the Gensler firm has been around since 1965. Since then it has expanded its operations to serve over 3,500 clients over several continents. The Gensler Research Institute has devoted itself to providing solutions for sustainability as a prime consideration for interior design, alongside putting importance on the health and wellness benefits to occupants. Recent projects employing concepts of sustainability include the new office tower of LPL Financial in San Diego, California, as well as the Glumac workspace in Shanghai. The Glumac workspace in particular uses recycled materials employs a green wall and prides itself on having been created with a zero-carbon footprint.


Another giant in the industry, the HOK was founded as an architectural firm in 1955. Since then the firm has grown to include engineering, interior design, and planning as among its areas of expertise. For the past six years, HOK has reaped accolades for its sustainable designs. These include the headquarters of LG North America in New Jersey and the new biophilic design of the Central + Wolfe campus located in Silicon Valley.

Perkins + Will

Ever since its beginnings in 1935, the Perkins + Will firm has committed itself to human-centered design. In recent years they have also focused on sustainability, as seen by their new projects which are adaptable to the changing climate and also utilize materials that have lower carbon footprints and leave less waste. These concepts are well applied to Perkins + Will’s Atlanta office as well as to its projects all around the US and Canada. The firm has designed sustainable buildings and interiors for institutes such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA, and the VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre in Vancouver, Canada.


Staying right ahead of the curve, the HKS firm prides itself on “designing a resilient tomorrow”. This US-based firm has gathered accolades in various areas of design ranging from excellence in design as well as sustainability. To date, HKS has 195 Leed projects, meaning these projects are certified as green designs or buildings. Some of HKS’ renowned projects include the AVON Cosmetics European Headquarters in the Northampton United Kingdom, as well as the Montage Deer Valley resort. These structures maximize use of natural light, reduce energy consumption through innovative heating systems, and institute green housekeeping practices to maintain the environmentally friendly concept day in day out.

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

For the minds behind Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, it is not enough to simply stop at sustainable interior design. This enterprising firm has partnered with National Geographic to design a blueprint for sustainable cities with buildings and interiors utilizing the best in green design and architecture. Some of SOM’s sustainable designs have already come to fruition with buildings such as the Pertamina Energy Tower in Jakarta, the new United States courthouse in Los Angeles, and the headquarters of the JTI, located in Geneva, Switzerland. One of SOM’s major case studies, the 350 Mission Tower, provides an example of how sustainability can be employed in the interior design, particularly in the corporate setting.

The call for sustainable design can only be seen to intensify in the coming years, as humanity struggles to keep up with the toll from rapid climate change and other ecological upheavals. Never before has this become more crucial for our booming cities and communities. We can expect that more and more interior designers and their firms will stand on the shoulders of these giants and come up with even more innovative designs that can help human communities coexist with and even save the planet.

Sustaining Life With Continuous Source of Income

To sustain the basic needs in this world, someone in the family needs to be employed or have a source of income. They can be your parents, older siblings or if you’re already eligible, yourself. The most common source of income is to work in an institution or company, depending on your educational qualifications.

sustaining life

However, these employment years will not last forever. Most of the companies will not hire you anymore if you’re already beyond 35 years old and you will be forced to resign once your reach the age of 60.

After these years, what do you think would be your source income then? The only people who can still continue earning are those people having their own businesses or the bosses of our previous work place.

To avoid such horrible scenario, a person should start saving as early as he receives his first salary. Better yet, he should start increasing the amount of his savings through investments. You don’t have to start your business to continue earning. You can simply finance the businessmen and have a portion of their profit. These are passive investments. In most cases, the investor will just provide the financial needs of businessmen who basically have the responsibility to increase the amount of their investors based on the agreed terms.

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4 Tips to Design Your Dorm Room to Maximize Productivity and Creativity

dorm roomPhoto by Medhat Ayad from Pexels

Living on your own is a daunting experience. You don’t have anyone to cook for you, do the laundry, and even wake yourself up in the morning. You are literally on your own managing your studies and personal life. And because you are living in a dormitory, you are bound to have a roommate. It is not just space you will share but even stories, secrets and memorable experiences which will compromise much of your college life. It is important then to have good communication with your roommate then.

On average a dorm is around 228 square feet. It indeed pays to maximize each space for both study and extracurricular activities. While there is a bunch of things your parents would want you to bring, but you should know which is necessary and which is not.

Multi-purpose Furniture

If you are planning to buy a table where you can study and do your homework, go find a hutch instead. This way you have an ample space for all your books and other materials all in one area and furniture. The top surface can also serve as your makeshift desk, allowing you to work even in the wee hours of the morning at the edge of your bed. This is quite affordable and even doable if you may. All you need are sturdy slab of plywood for the frame and divider and voila you have your own hutch. What’s more is that you can customize this to your liking – from the color up to additional dividers or vertical fixture.

Use walls wisely

This is your ultimate best friend! Though you are not supposed to use nails, command hooks will do the trick. From your keys, jackets down to your umbrella, you can hook them all up on here. It’s the most common and easiest way as you can just remove it without damaging the design of the wall. If you have an extra budget, you can opt to buy vertical furniture where you can place everything in it. The key here is you are using the space you consumed wisely.

Elevate your bed

Finding the best way to store your shoes or clothes? Then bring you bed a couple of feet higher. This way you can convert the bottom part of your bed to your own makeshift bunker where your clothes, essentials, shoes, even your laundry are neatly organized. You can even bring some friends over or visitors as everything is obscured from view. There are a couple of handful materials to use to elevate your bed like bed lofts. If they are not enough, then opt to have your bed frame customized to a certain height.

Your own Pantry

Waking up early while working late at night will be your normal routine. It’s unavoidable and part of university life that you must embrace. With all this a good companion will be food. And you will be needing tons of it, swear. Your own pantry would be good containing all your comfort foods and healthy stuff that really boosts your creative juices and your mind really active. If you have a spare, bring a small refrigerator with you. Of course, you would have to ask the regulations and know more about its electrical consumption.

You wouldn’t want want your things to be all over the place, don’t you? A vertical rack will be good with a couple of tiers. Each tier should be filled with all the necessities you would need. Nuts would be a good staple as it is an excellent brain food. Whatever food you decided to store, just make sure that each is properly labeled and organized.

Dorm life can be challenging, but it is certainly manageable. Your planning and organizational skills will be put to a test. The key things to remember is to arrange your dorm the way you are most comfortable, while also being logistically easy and feasible.

Winning Smile – 5 Tips for Looking Your Best in the Workplace

looking your bestPhoto by Robin Higgins

When it comes to landing those big contracts and standing tall and proud among your clients, how you feel inside and out matters. When you feel at your best, you look your best, which can end up opening the doors wide open for new work opportunities and career prospects. If you are not quite letting yourself shine at work, here are five ways you can get there:

Pearly Whites

Several studies show that your smile and teeth correlate strongly with your confidence. If your self-confidence is weak, then it might be time to consider a simple dental procedure such as dental veneers or teeth whitening. Dental veneers are a worthwhile option for people with crooked, chipped, or imperfect teeth. If teeth whitening can’t take care of permanent staining, then veneers fill the gap here too.

A New Wardrobe

If you need an excuse to max out the credit card and go shopping, then a new wardrobe to look at your best in the workplace could be it. There is a strong psychological connection between how you look and how you feel. If you dress to impress, you can change your internal mindset – transitioning into the role of the successful person that the clothing portrays you as. If your wardrobe is looking drab at best, then set time aside out of your busy schedule for a bit of retail therapy.

A Business Course

Even if you consider yourself to be an expert in your role, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep educating yourself. Not only do you get to benefit from up-to-the-minute knowledge of your field, but you also feel far more confident with yourself and your expertise. When you feel better about your experience, skill set, and education, it shows in your character and demeanor. You can hold your head up high and set the world on fire.

Holistic Health

How often have you found yourself avoiding eye contact – or people in general – at work because your skin looks awful? If your diet or lifestyle is causing your skin to break out, then it’s not helping you to become that shining star in your workplace.

Fortunately, several natural ingredients can work wonders for your skin – thus improving your looks and mannerisms in the workplace. Try green tea extract to help with skin inflammation, or even licorice to sort out that irritating and itchy redness. There are some fabulous natural options out there to make you feel better inside and out.

Work-Life Balance

Believe it or not, looking at your best can come down to how hard you’re working. If you’re not maintaining a healthy work-life balance, then you can look tired, stressed, and not at your best to face the day. If you are fighting to fit everything into a standard working day, then talk to your superiors. Find out if you can share the workload, or if anyone can help you out. Find more time for yourself, relax, enjoy the simple pleasures, and you can be fighting fit and looking fabulous in no time.

Not everyone in the office is going to look like they stepped off a catwalk every day, but pay attention to the behavior and confidence levels of those who do. What you wear, what you eat, how you smile, and even your separation of your life and work can make all the difference to how you appear to your clients and colleagues. Take the time to try out any of these tips above, and see if they make a difference for you.