How to Avoid Being Scammed Through Email

Email is one of the most common forms of communication in today’s society. Whether it’s a message from your family or receipts for online purchases, this digital communication is widely used. Unfortunately, it’s also a venue for those looking to scam you or steal personal information. While some of these messages get caught in spam filters, sometimes they can get through and look amazingly real.

What can you do to avoid becoming the next victim?

Never Click Internal Links

Scammers can be quite creative when it comes to making an email look legitimate. They will often use graphics and logos from existing organizations to fool you into thinking the message is real, such as using UKPC as a template. These emails will often come with links requiring you to visit a site in order to claim a prize or clear up some legal problem. Do not click on those links.

It’s always safer to visit an organization directly by manually typing the address into your browser. Don’t copy and paste the address from the message, because it may actually be a phishing site or a link to downloadable malware. Search for the company in question and use public information to visit those sites or find contact numbers to call.

Never Send Information

A lot of email scams will ask for your name, address, bank account information and other data. You should avoid interacting with these messages altogether. If you receive a message stating that you won the lotto, they should already have your information. Otherwise, how would they know they sent the email to the right person?

Never Open Unsolicited Attachments

Unless you actually requested a file to be sent to your inbox, you should avoid opening any attachment you receive. It may deploy a payload of malware to infect your computer system. Even if the message is from someone you know and trust, always contact that person before opening an attachment you didn’t ask for.

Never Be Afraid of Threatening Messages

One of the tactics scammers use often is making the email sound threatening. This could be anything from stating you have delinquent taxes to threats against impounding your automobile. This content is made to prompt readers to react out of fear. Instead, contact the organization directly through phone or from their secured website. Very few agencies will ever send “threatening” messages through email regarding money you owe.

As long as you are vigilant regarding email messages, you can avoid becoming a victim of the criminal element. If a message looks suspicious, contact the authorities and report the email. Even a message that looks completely real could be harboring dangerous malware or a way to steal your information.

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Ways To Package Liquids Without Hassles

If you are importing or purchasing liquids for sauces or beverages, one of the primary questions that purchasing agents ask is ‘How can you ship it without worrying about breakage or added expense?’ Depending upon the type of liquid that you need to put into bottles or containers, there are several options that will help streamline your operations so that you save time and money.

diaphragm pumps

Here are some liquid packaging options that should make it easier for you to provide your customers with consistent service:

Use diaphragm pumps and a shipping bag:

It may sound strange but using a shipping bag or bladder that can be filled up inside a container is a pretty safe way of shipping liquids. Instead of potential breakage of containers that you will just be transferring from anyway, you get a very large bag full of the product that you are selling. Most companies then take Graco diaphram pumps and connect them to the bag, creating an impromptu production line. Diaphragm pumps are ideal for removing liquid from a large container and then making it available via a piping or tubing system so that it can fill smaller containers. Of course you can use a sophisticated filling machine that receives the liquid and then fills containers with the same amount of liquid each time. But if you are a smaller company, you will be happy to note that you do not need to do that in order to get your orders filled quickly and well.

Box or bag manufacturing systems:

For consumers, envelopes full of liquids and Tetrapack style boxes have replaced many canned goods at the top of their purchase list. In the past, the only problem was that the cost of the machinery meant that you would have to be a very large food company or you could not afford to use that type of equipment. Because of that, some companies have turned to Chinese or other Asian manufacturers to purchase machines that do the same thing for a much lower price. The key for manufacturers is to know the quality of what you are getting in advance. The better the quality, the more likely it may pay to look for long-term financing and grow along-side the equipment purchase.

There are several cost-saving ways that you can upgrade your manufacturing facility in order to produce liquid-based products. By investing upfront in new equipment, you will normally save money that will make the equipment purchases worthwhile.

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Why Get an MBA Online?

You may have decided that the best way you can further your career is by earning a master’s of business administration. Working your way up at a company can be achievable if you are willing to put in the hours and show dedication, but for many people, grit, determination and experience can only go so far. There are many hard workers who become disappointed when, in spite of their years of dedication at a company, someone from the outside is hired to the management position because he or she has a master’s degree. Before this happens to you, it might be worth considering earning an MBA online.

mba online

Earn While You Learn

It wasn’t long ago that if someone wanted to earn an MBA, they needed to interrupt their career goals to do so. Of course, the reasoning went, the payoff would be worthwhile with the job opportunities that would be available after earning the degree. Still, the work interruption may create financial strain as well as a break with one’s old connections and the need to start from scratch. Earning an MBA online can prevent all of these problems.

While it may be a challenge to juggle career, learning for the degree and family obligations, you do not have to rely on loans to support yourself while you study or stop going to the same office. In fact, your day-to-day work experiences can prove valuable in contextualizing your business studies and your subject matter in your course may dovetail with the kind of project you are working on from 9-to-5.

Time Flexibility

You will still need to put the hours in when learning, whether you are pursuing a degree from the University of Maryland or another institution. However, you can catch lectures when you want to in the wee hours of the morning of just around midnight. You will want to have some real-time discussions once in a while through interaction with instructors or other students, but most of the scheduling is flexible. Find out how you can listen to lectures and send comments through software.

Rigorous Coursework

The coursework required for an online MBA is equivalent that that of on-campus courses. There is virtually no difference between the work you can do online and in person. This reality, after all, reflects the present-day business environment, with a large number of projects performed by people who are offsite and meetings held with partners overseas. It is only natural that the same kind of rigor is demanded from online students, just as the work ethic crosses geographic boundaries in the real-life business world. You have many options for MBAs online, and you can choose an online MBA with no gmat from UAB.

Choosing a Program

When you learn online, distance does not keep you from choosing a school or enrolling in a program that captivates your imagination. You have more options learning online, and can use that to your advantage by researching your options well and finding the best school for you. Look for programs that best reflect your career goals and can make learning enjoyable.

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How to Choose a Moving Company

Relocating from one place to another or even just moving some of your things take a lot of time, energy, and resources. For those who are not able to prepare for the move, the experience can be harrowing. These days, there are a number of Los Angeles movers that can take the burden of moving off your hands. They have professionals who can help you every step of the way.

The first thing to do to prepare for relocation, whether partial or full, is to go through a checklist. You can get some ideas from the ultimate moving checklist from Home Depot for a complete guide. Having an itemized checklist will give you an overview of what you need to do or secure so you can get organized with your move. This will also guarantee that you will not miss anything important. Missing a critical task could cause a domino effect and mess up your moving plans.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

You cannot entrust your belongings, documents, inventory, or office furniture and equipment to a team from a shady moving company. The mover you choose should be licensed and accredited to do business in the area you are operating in and the place where you are moving to. There’s a moving company license checker you can find online to help you with your verification.

Once you find a moving company you can trust, you can already contact their representative to talk about the details of your move. The representative will likely ask for information to determine the distance and the “size” of the move. Usually, movers will price according to how far they will have to travel to complete the move, how much stuff (measured either in weight or by cubic area) they will have to carry, and the scope of work they will have to render.

Time and Money

Based on your discussion with the moving company representative, you will be given a quote so you know exactly how much everything will cost. Most of these companies can do the packing, loading, moving, and unloading for you. Some will even provide you with boxes and packing materials. Your cost would logically go up when you avail of more services and products. If you have a limited budget, you can check if you have the manpower to do some of the tasks. The movers will simply have to take care of transporting your items.

When you agree with the cost indicated in the quote, you can already start plotting your moving tasks on your calendar. This way, you can maximize the time available and get everything done on schedule. The preparation and planning of your move will help you save time and effort in the long run. With the help of the right movers, your move will be efficient and hassle-free. A smooth move will allow you to get back to business sooner.

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The Least Stressful Medical Specialties

Medical practitioners are some of the most overworked people in the world. This is unsurprising because they are at the forefront of public health services. There is always someone who needs medical attention, whether in the form of a simple check-up to or a vital surgery for the treatment of a life-threatening condition. Some physicians work long hours well past their shifts to treat patients with complex conditions. Some even sacrifice their holidays for work. In short, being a doctor can be quite stressful.

Nevertheless, there are specialties in the medical world that are less stressful than others. And while the meaning of “less stressful” differs for each person, most medical practitioners would say that a low-stress specialty would be one that had a reasonable and controllable schedule, lower chances of experiencing workplace burnout, little on-call time, and no shifts on weekends.

medical specialty
Here are a few of the medical specialties that meet these criteria:


Pathology involves diagnosing diseases by doing laboratory analysis of tissues and bodily fluids like blood and urine. Many consider this as an undemanding specialty because of its controllable hours. The work environment is also quiet and relaxed. Unlike ER doctors, pathologists do not experience sudden medical emergencies or unpredictable situations. Also, residency (graduate medical training) of this field takes only 4 years. But keep in mind that pathology is a field rooted in academics and research. Those who dislike paperwork and scientific study may find this specialty challenging.


This specialty is similar to pathology in that it focuses on diagnoses and analyses. However, in the case of radiology, diagnosis and treatment involve using x-rays and other imaging technology. A radiologist’s main duty is interpreting medical images and detecting suspicious cells and abnormalities in the body. They also check for fractures and dislocation of bones.

Radiologists keep reasonable and fixed hours and experience little patient contact. The level of pressure and urgency in their line of work is also low, creating a calm working environment. The only significant downside is that radiologists are often exposed to radiation, which may increase their risk of getting cancer.


Ophthalmology specializes in eye and vision care. This branch of medicine requires a 3-year residency. The work of an ophthalmologist includes basic eye care, prescribing glasses and contact lenses, and providing medical and surgical eye treatment. While this specialty does involve complex microsurgery, it isn’t as grueling as, say, pancreatectomy and bariatric bypass. The hours you have to put in are also fairly reasonable. Plus, patients you handle in this field are almost never in any critical condition, resulting to low tension and pressure in the workplace.


This specialty focuses less on medical matters and more on research. Psychiatry involves the study of human behavioral and mental processes and its associated disorders. To be a psychiatrist, you need to finish a residency of 4 years. This is considered a low-stress specialty because the hours are undemanding and the work does not involve surgery or any intense medical procedure. Instead, psychiatrists talk and listen to patients with mental illnesses in private, one-on-one sessions.


Dermatology is a specialty that studies the human skin. Dermatologists undergo a 3-year residency before becoming professionals. These doctors check and treat skin diseases and disorders ranging from the serious ones like skin cancer and lupus to the milder acne and moles. Those working in dermatology often do not handle patients with life-threatening conditions. As such, the stress levels in the workplace are very low. Also, work hours are stable, giving way for a healthy work-life balance.

Family Medicine

Family Medicine is a discipline that provides primary and comprehensive health care for people of all genders and ages. It is also called general practice because this field is not limited to a specific organ or disease. As the field is not focused on a specific area, the work involved is often not too intensive or exhausting. Aspiring doctors who love interacting with people can enjoy this patient-centered specialty.

Family physicians conduct routine check-ups, screening tests, counseling, and immunization to a wide range of people. And while they receive work calls outside of their regular hours, it is never for extreme emergency cases. This specialty also offers great work-life balance with its flexible schedules.

If you are still thinking of what medical field to specialize in, consider those mentioned above. Choosing one of these low-stress specialties can give you the opportunity to live a more stress-free life and to pursue other passions. But keep in mind that while these medical specialties are the least stressful, this doesn’t mean that the work involved should be taken lightly.

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