Parks and Wildlife

We went to Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City last Sunday. We wanted to get away from the pollution and breathe fresh air and this is the nearest place we know. Nothing changed compared to the last time we went there four years ago, except for the trees are much taller now. Thanks to many street sweepers who are maintaining the grass and  keeping the grounds clean.
There are many empty cages in the mini zoo or rescue center where the wild animal are oftentimes surrendered. It may be a good or bad sign. A good sign for it may mean no harmed animals to be rescued. A bad sign for it may mean most wild animal are really endangered or worst extinct. Or may be both. What saddens us is the Aquatic House. It was well maintained and many fishes were there before but now this is how it looks like…deteriorating and no fishes at all.
I hope the government can do something to improve the place. Maybe they can increase the entrance fee a little so they could have enough funds for the maintenance. But over all, I must say the place is nice and we breathed the fresh air we were yearning.
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