Pedicure and Manicure

The most battered parts of me, my feet and hands, finally had the pampering they needed after more than a month. That was my Mom-Me time last weekend, pedicure and manicure with a little massage.


This is one of the downsides of being a work-at-home Mom. Because I am literally living at work, I find it hard to escape. I am at work from the moment I open my eyes up to the moment I hit the sack thus I seldom pay attention to my personal needs and most of the time forget the importance of my physical health. As much as I want to have regular exercise and maintain beauty routines, I am extremely busy that sometimes 24 hours is not enough.

Last Saturday, because of Lanie, my friend/neighbor, who tagged me to have my nails done, I finally took a break. I want to thank her for that short yet relaxing Mom-Me time.


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By Rossel

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