Perfect Day Care Nap Mats

My nephew Andrei will be 6 months old next month and I haven’t given him anything yet. I browsed the net and looked for a perfect gift, one that is very useful and that he really needs. I saw this nap mat which is exactly the same as my daughter’s day care nap mats. It is a soft fleece blanket and pillow in one. It is lined and padded with cotton. It can be rolled up and has a Velcro closure and carrying straps making it easy to bring during travel. What good about this nap mat is, it is easy to clean because the blanket and pillows are detachable and you can wash in on a washing machine. Plus, you can have it personalized. There’s no more perfect gift for Andrei than this day care nap mats. If you are looking for a gift yourself, visit They also have other items like towel wraps that can be personalized. You can combine it with a personalized laundry bag for a great gift set.
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  1. what a perfect gift for Andrei. that is so useful for him and very easy to take along on trips.

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