Pigging Out

We always pig eat but we seldom pig out because pigging out cost us a thousand or more and we can’t afford to spend that much often. That is equivalent to our 4 to 5 days meal (snacks included). The last time we pig out was December last year. We had our Christmas shopping and dropped by Pizza Hut for supposedly afternoon snack but it turned out into dinner. Hubby ordered a whole thick crust family pizza. RJ just ate half of a pizza slice so it was me and hubby who devoured the whole big pizza, plus  big serving of lasagna and bottomless iced tea. We’re both bloated when we went home.
The best lasagna I’ve ever tasted. (forgot to take picture of the pizza)
The next day, we watched Disney on Ice and had dinner at Super Bowl after. We ordered dimsum platter, chopseuy, large Chinese fried rice and bottomless iced tea. As usual RJ ate a little so hubby and I were obliged to eat all what is left because it cost us another 4 to 5 days meal. Waaah!
I love to cook and we all love to eat. So in our house, no doubt we pig eat most of the time especially on special occasions. I can cook whatever we want to eat and we can eat as much as we want.
 Our meal last valentine’s day. We didn’t go out.
How about you? When was the last time you pig out? Share us your stories at…
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  1. Sarap ng balat ng lechon! Ang sarap i saw-saw sa sauce! Hmmm, yum-yum! 🙂

  2. na-miss ko na yan! lasagna from pizza hut bistro? i like yung sa french baker better, na try nyo na?

    haha! bawas na talaga? that's why i don't have photos of food, kase paubos na pag naalala kong picture-an. LOL!

    bakit ka pa nga lalabas for valentine's kung may lechon naman sa bahay! happy weekend!

  3. that lasagna looks delicious! Not made with tomato sauce? wow!

  4. bigla prang gusto ko tuloy kumain sa superbowl hihihih i love yang chow rice sobra heheeh

    and i haven't tried that lasagna ng pizza hut.. i have to try that tom na haahhahah natakam akosa picture eh hihih

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  5. WOW! mouthwatering lechon..huhuhu..ang hirap magpapayat…

    blowing peachkisses
    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things

  6. Now… my eyes is pigging out with these foods… sarap!

    joined GT too.

    GT: I’ve Always been …

  7. wow sis im already hungry for this foods! 😉

  8. it drool me great hahahah ang sarap naman@

  9. my hubby and son always dig out when it comes to pizza(super supreme for hubby and hawaiian for kuya) and lasagna. they so love it.

  10. that lasagna looks different, but yummy! siguro eh white sauce ang ginamit instead na tomato sauce!

  11. redamethyst says:

    I love pizza and pasta. lalo na yang lasagna!

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