Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys

Girls Talk theme today is our favorite dress. I only wear dress on formal occasions and unfortunately, the only one I have does not fit me anymore. I got too much bilbil.

I wear shirts or blouses and pants when going out. I love color red so you can see me in red most of the time. At home, I don’t wear anything long so you can see me in shorts and sleeveless.

red polo shirtred blouseI don’t know why but I am really attracted to anything red and pink. I have red slippers, red bag, red bracelet and red purse. My cellphone is color red too.

By the way, have you ever wonder why pink always designated a feminine color, and blue a masculine color?

Do you know that originally pink was designated for boys, as it was thought to be the stronger color? In Christian tradition, red was associated as male, and its sibling pink was used for boys. Blue was associated the Virgin Mary and therefore considered feminine. (source)

Assigning color to gender is mostly a 20th century trait according to “Gender Specific Colors”. (source). They were dressing children in pink and blue to specifically denote gender suggested the rising middle class and above.

However, according to Dr. Anya Hurlbert, evolution may have driven females to prefer reddish colours – reddish fruits, healthy, reddish faces. “Culture may exploit and compound this natural female preference.” Early human societies almost certainly engaged in a division of labour between the sexes. Hunter-gathering cavemen will have been attracted to the colour blue because it represents clear skies and clean water, best time to hunt. Women, meanwhile, foraged locally for fruits and berries. This division of labour may be at the root of why girls now prefer pink.

Scientists led by Dr. Hurlbert and Tazhu Ling conducted studies to average people’s overall preferences. They showed pairs of colours to 208 volunteers aged between 20 and 26, who had to select which they preferred by using a mouse cursor to select. The participants were British white Caucasians and 37 were Chinese. The Result showed that women like blues and pinks while men like mainly blue. (source)

Today, I saw many men wearing pink. Pink became a much more acceptable color for men and did not necessarily denote a lack of masculinity.

Well, it answers why I like red clothes and things. You can see more of the dresses and girly stuffs at Niko’s Girls Talk.

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  1. Hi Rossel, tagal ko di nakapag blog hopping kulang ako palagi ng time. Anyway, pareho tayo ng favorite color I love Pink and Red also Maroon and Green. Ayoko din magsuot ng dress not unless kailangan (like attending to special and formal occasions). At home, I usually wear shorts and t-shirts hindi bestida. I am more comfortable with it.

  2. wow nice pictures…
    dito po pala un girl's talk ninyo…
    ako din po mahilig sa red hehe…actually
    gusto ko po ang kulay ng watawat ng pilipinas, blue, yellow and white hehe ^_^

  3. agreed with jac…simplicity is fabulous indeed….

    woi ako din te….mahilig sa red….lalo na yung red cherry ang kulay….heheheh! kakatakot yung baby mo…nice costume…hehehee!

  4. Simplicity is fabulous and sexy. You look good mommy. I like your fashion style!!

    Btw my GT is here

    Happy weekend!

  5. aw here's ur entry!!! wla pala eto kay mclinky!! lagay naten ha 🙂

    anyways red looks good on u!!! 🙂 ihhhhh sweetie photos of u and ur husband 😀 ihhhh

    thakns for joining this week girl ha! see u next week fave accessories naman 🙂

    ingat lagi!!

  6. Rose love red too! You look good on it…

  7. Hi sis! Thanks for the earlier visit. Pareho pala tayo, I love red too. Noon bata pa blue then pink then napansin ko, I began to veer towards red.

    A lot of guys nga ngayon wear pink but there are more guys who won't bec of the stereotype. Kahit bagay sa kanila. Happy MM!

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  9. Pareho pala tayong di makapag suot ng dress, gawa ng bilbil na yan. kahit medyo lumiit na ang katawan ko, yung bilbil, ayaw umalis, naka stuck pa rin, wahhhh!

    OO nga noh, parang mahilig ka sa reddish color, it looks good on you naman, yaan mo na muna si bilbil, takpan mo na lang ng bag, hahaha!

  10. ay ate rossel you look good in red.. para kang Mother in law ko .. She likes red very much.. and oftentimes pag kami nag vvideoke.. habibi sings lady in red .. hehe

  11. thanks for your email reply sis.. cute ng girl mo!

  12. you look great in red Rossel. I like pink and most of my tops are pink.

    thanks for the info about the pink and blue color.. i didnt know about it before, now i know.

  13. I like red too, maganda kasi lalo na sa pictures, ikaw agad ang mapapansin, 😀

  14. wahehehehehe pat color magkasundo tayo lol.. favorite ko kasi ang red, I have lots of them,.. sabi nga ni hubby, di ka ba nagsasawa sa red?

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