Pink Slippers

I can’t believe it. Just a half inch more and RJ and I will have the same shoe size. My shoes are size 6 and RJ’s are now size 5.5. Isn’t it big for a 9 year old? She grows fast and she usually outgrows her clothes and foot wears and we always ended up buying new ones. It was just few months ago when I bought her yellow slippers…they were size 4. Now, when I bought her pink slippers, they are bigger by 1.5 inches.

pink slippers
RJ’s pink slippers

the pink slippers
Me, trying RJ’s slippers

It won’t surprise me if by next year, she’ll have bigger shoes and slippers than me. I just hope she won’t get my Mom’s size which is 9.

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12 replies on “Pink Slippers”

Pink is a color but it is not a base or an original color. To get the color pink you
have to mix two colors (red and white) together.

I like pink color and I have pinks slippers too. Wow, RJ will surely surpass your shoe size soon Ross. Ang bilis talaga ng panahon no. Your baby is almost a lady na.

wow that’s big shoe size for a 9 year old…I am size 9 too sis in case you have some spare there!hehe

new GFC follower for this blog…visiting for Pf#95

Like the flowery design:) That is indeed a big size for a 9 yr. old!

Visiting for PF! Hope you can visit me too:)

cute pink slippers Mommy loved it 🙂 our kids grow up so fast 🙁 dropping some love for Pink Friday, hope that you can visit me back too

I love color pink because pink is my favorite color , i want that slippers also it so attractive and have nice style.

hihi.. cute slippers!
hmm… as far as I remember that was my shoe size when I was her age. And it went up to 7 and became 8 after I gave birth. In her case, just hope it stops there. But think of it as an advantage na rin. Mostly shoes that are on sale are in big sizes. haha!

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