Plant Trees to Reduce Heat

Before going home last Sunday, we passed by Robinson’s to buy some of RJ’s school supplies. It’s almost lunch time so we decided to have our lunch at KFC. It was already 1p.m. when we went out of the mall, and surprised by scorching heat outside. I thought I would have asthma attack. Good things is, I always have my turbohaler with me.

Seem like the world is getting hotter day by day. When I looked around, I saw only two small trees along tall buildings. It is sad that trees are now scarce in Metro because of industrialized progress.

Under the TreeVendors at Quezon Memorial Circle in their green shirts,
relaxing under the big tree while relishing its shade.

Trees does not only give us shade but they also reduce heat by deflecting sun rays. With 17,000 trees being cut down everyday, do not be surprised if one day we won’t be able to bear Mr. Sunshine’s heat anymore. If we do not want this to happen, then let us all plant trees to reduce heat.

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