Join Plastics With Ease With Plastic Welding Tools

The best way to join plastics together is not with solvents or through mechanical joining, instead it is to create a weld. This can be done with hot air tools, and this will create a strong, reliable join that will last. There are some excellent tools and machines that have been developed to make this a simple task too.
plastic welding tool

Plastic is one of the most widely used materials around the world, but it is also one which can be difficult to work with. It is essential that the right tools and machinery are used when creating structures, and the best tools and machinery will use hot air. When joining structures together and creating items such as tarpaulin, shower curtains, medical items and consumer products there are a range of tools which can be used to make this a simple task. Chemical bonding through adhesives or solvents can create a join, but often this will not be strong enough and deteriorate in quality over time. There is also mechanical joining with screws or snap fits, but again this is not as reliable or strong as welding.

The welding process will involve pressing, heating and cooling, and these stages can all be simple and straightforward when you are using top quality tools and machinery. This machinery will also enable you to work with all kinds of different plastics too, including LDPE, PP, HDPE, MDPE, BS and PVC (one of the most widely used types). A hand tool such a heat gun should be used for thinner plastics in the range of 3-8mm, and for any thicker plastic it is best to use an extrusion gun. This extrudes a thicker bead, allowing you to easily weld structures and plastic sheets together. Whether you are using a hand held tool or an extrusion gun it is important that you get one that is of high standard, as this will ensure that you get accurate results every single time, no matter what the application is.

From the top suppliers you can get plastic welding kits, which will provide you with everything you need to get started. This could be a roof welding kit, a floor welding kit so that you can lay vinyl flooring, or simply a general plastics repair kit. With the right kit you can easily find guides on how to best use the tools and machinery, meaning that it can be a simple, straightforward and safe task for you to complete.  It is also the best and most reliable way to create joins, so it is worthwhile having the tools to be able to do so.

There are also hot air tools that can be used to cut through plastics and other materials such as rubber. The heated blade creates a seal as it cuts, ensuring that no fraying occurs during the task allowing for a clean, accurate cut. These tools are used in all kinds of different applications, but most commonly in the vehicle industry where they can be used for upholstery as well as cutting, webbing and finishing.

Plastics are difficult to work with when you do not have the right tools and machinery. Many people will opt for chemical joining where they use an adhesive or solvent, but this is not as reliable and strong as a plastic weld.

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