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Plumbing Problem Solved

We were having problem with our toilet since the other day until this morning. We only have one bathroom so it was really, really hard. My daughter flushed something down the toilet. Kids! Why do they love to play in the bathroom and sink? This has been our problem since my daughter learned to walk. When she was still a toddler squeaky toys were intentionally stuck in the toilet. Now that she is big she accidentally dropped things. The last time was the toothpaste. Good thing that she didn’t try to flush it so I just got it out using my gloved hand. This time she said she accidentally dropped a medicine bottle and flushed it hoping that the bottle will be flushed all the way through but the bottle just got in deeper then got stuck. I tried to flush it again but it just plugged up and didn’t flush anymore.

Hubby hates plumbing job that’s why he said he took up computer science. Computer is where he is good at and he doesn’t know anything about plumbing repair, but this morning he had no choice but to be a do-it-yourself person and try to pull out the medicine bottle in the toilet. First, he used his gloved hand to reach for the medicine bottle but he said he can’t feel it so he used a tong but the bottle just slipped. He tried to grab it again and again with tong until he was sweating all over but still no good. It left us no choice but to seek help from a plumbing and drain services.

Manong plumber (that’s how we call him) came after 30 minutes of waiting. He worked on the toilet immediately and got out the medicine bottle in less than 15 minutes. Hooray!!! He used this special tool consisting of a metal cable inside a tubular handle. It is sort of a hook on one end and a crank type on the other. He inserted the tool into the toilet bowl outlet and he pushed the cable down while cranking until it snagged the bottle then Manong pulled it out. When I asked what the tool is called, he said it is a “closet auger”. It is amazing how a very simple tool like that can do big wonders.

That’s the difference of the pretending do-it-yourself person and the real plumber. The latter is well equipped and knows the tricks. Kudos to you, Manong!


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4 replies on “Plumbing Problem Solved”

hahahahaa! your husband is funny!

I think i’ll have a nightmare if ever we get plumbing problems. we are so far away from the city center to avail these services quickly

i had the same problem before when ny nephew flushed a roll of tissue paper down the toilet. i didn’t call a plumber coz i didn’t know of one back then. What i did was flush the toilet several times manually with perhaps a hundred buckets of water. it was such a waste of precious water. i should have gone and called a plumber instead.

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