PMC 2nd Grand EB

Hey, Mommies need a break too, right? Not just a day in the salon but some time off with friends as well. Well, I took mine yesterday. Woohoo! I attended an event spearheaded and organized by Mommy Pehpot and Mommy Ruby…the PMC 2nd Grand EB at Aling Tonya’s Seafood Restaurant in Pasay City.

Nothing stopped the Mommies from attending the fun-filled meet-up yesterday…not even the rain. Though I must admit the weather made it harder for me as I have 2 big eco bags of tokens for my friends in PMC. I got wet and all but who cares? It is nothing compared to the fun and happiness that the meet up brought me. I was able to finally meet the Moms whom I only see in pictures and chat with in Facebook.

Yours truly was one of the committees assigned in registration and giving away of loot bags from our generous sponsors…

That’s me in green.

All Moms went home full-handed with tokens from fellow Mommy bloggers and loot bags from our sponsors…

Gifts from Mommies

 from Unilab, Ibuprofen Dolan, Ascorbic Acid Ceelin

from Smart Steps

from Umami (Ajinomoto), Scotch Brite, Procter & Gamble, Geiser Maclang

Other sponsors are World of Wellness and Goldquest Biomedical Technologies that gave Php5000 which we used to cover other expenses.

Before the program starts, late lunch was served. Moms, including me, forgot about our diet plans for a while and feasted with the sumptuous meal. Well, you can’t blame us…seafood are just irresistible!

Then Mommy Ruby Ricafrente, gave a short talk about PMC…how it was born and it’s mission and vision.

According to her, Pinay Mommies Community is a community of Filipina Mommy bloggers that she created four years ago. Its aim is to help the members grow as bloggers and to prove that Moms not just take care of the kids, cook, fold the laundry, etc. Moms, who are mostly college graduates, can also be good writers who can share their parenting experiences, insights, humor and even frustrations. That Mommy bloggers are not just after the loot bags and freebies but also for a good cause. Now, the community is aiming to help a charity institution. I am really honored to be part of this community. It is making a real difference in the blogging world.

Of course the event won’t be complete without the raffle and prizes…

…the lucky winners of Smart Steps with the event organizer, Pehpot Pineda

…happy winners of Unilab products with Ms. Rochelle of Unilab

…winners of Ainon

…winners of Avon

…winners of Richwell

…winners of Drypers

…winners of Grendha…I won, finally! Woohoo!!!
The prize will be delivered to my doorsteps. I’m excitedly looking forward to it.

The generous PMC Mommies with business also contributed to the prizes and I won a broom from Ane Fallarme. Thanks, Ane! 🙂

The meet up was made even more fun and colorful with KrazyPix photobooth.

 KrazyPix with Josie and Peachy

 KrazyPix with Che

And who will forget to take the group picture? It’s the event finale…as always.

 The pretty Moms of PMC…

Mommies went home with smiles pinned on their faces. The smiles just show how happy we were. Thanks to our generous sponsors for making the PMC meet up possible…

*Photos courtesy of Mauie Flores. Thanks, Mauie! 🙂

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  1. It was so nice meeting you in person too,Rossel!

  2. Courtney Joyce says:

    After doing work i like to spent my time in going to a health sporting places
    like parks.

  3. This is so far the best blogging EB/event that I have attended….in our case, we have all realize that we can find good friends in blogging.

    I hope that mas madaming chikahan sa next EB.

  4. great ladies! enjoy looking at your pix! what a gathering was it really! kudos to all of you…

  5. You had fun talaga huh. Kita sa pics nyo sis. More power sa PMC!

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