Point and Click with Mirrorless Cameras

Just when you thought it was starting to become easy to understand the various types of digital cameras, in steps a new category. Here at Focus Camera, we have a wide selection of mirrorless cameras that are ideal for beginning photographers as well as those individuals who simply like to point and click.

mirrorless cameras

Mirrorless digital cameras bridge the gap between simple point-and-shoot models and more complex DSLR models with interchangeable lenses and lots of bells and whistles to make your photos look great. The most outstanding feature of these cameras is that they are compact like point-and-shoots, yet you can still change lenses for certain situations such as shooting landscapes via telephoto or photographing small items with a macro lens.

This new breed of cameras has much in common with DSLRs. First, the sensors are of the same, or nearly the same size as those in bulkier, more complicated models. This is important as compact digitals have sensor that are often only one-tenth to one-twelfth the size of DSLRs. The larger the sensor, the better the quality of photos your camera will produce. Larger sensors are particularly important in ow light situations where results are often grainy with point-and-shoot cameras.

Smaller bodies in mirrorless digital cameras also allow for smaller lenses making these cameras lighter and easier to carry. Many models also offer a live preview of the scene you’re shooting, another feature that is often unavailable with lower end point-and-shoot cameras.

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