Post it Note Tuesday #4

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  1. you go, girl! you can do it!!!

    happy PINT 🙂

  2. Losing weight sucks! I've tried to come up with a way to do liposuction at home but nothing yet … =)

  3. I with ya on this. Happy PINT!

  4. Good luck! I've been trying to lose weight ever since my second child was born and she's about to be 6! It's so difficult.

    Thanks for following me! I'm now your newest follower 🙂

  5. Always goes on sooo much easier than it comes off, for sure!

  6. waaah.. ayoko muna i reveal ang waistline ko..waa talaga. maybe we should start running na.. pwede kita running mate.. hehe

  7. Weight loss can be soo hard! Good luck

  8. Aw….weight loss is always hard. Stick at it! Focus on being happy and healthy.

  9. Wahhh scissors pala hahaha, naku bili ka ng treadmill then takbo ka very day, kung di natanggal yan..

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