Postcard-A Great Way to Send Your Messages

Gone were the days that I am getting mails and postcards from friends and loved ones from our mail box. Since we got a computer and had our internet connection, I received greetings during holidays and special occasions through email. That is why I was so delighted when I received a card last Christmas from a blogging friend, Rose. It was the one I received through postal mail after 10 years. Oh don’t get me wrong. I appreciate those e-cards sent to me and I am thankful that I was remembered during those special occasions, but somehow it lost a personal touch.
Most people do not realize that postcard is a great way to send their messages to their loved ones and friends. You can add your personal feelings or style into the card. It just shows how special you feel for the people whom you are sending the postcard to.

I think I should start sending postcards again to my loved ones and friends. It will be on bulk on special occasions but I have nothing to worry about because there are postcard mailing services that could help me. I just need to upload the picture I want and design the postcards then they will take care of the rest. They are the ones to print, address and mail them for me.

This is great. I could send postcards with my personal touch through the help of modern technology.

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whenever i receive a snail mail with a handwritten message, i feel more appreciated because the sender took time to write the message personally

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