Potato Ridges and Pringles

Thank God, those hot topics on Girls Talk are really over. Now we are on lighter themes and this week’s theme is our favorite junk foods. Junk foods are not good for dieters but I can’t refrain myself from eating my favorite potato chip. I like chips that taste natural, not too salty and spicy just like Oishi Potato Ridges and Pringles.
This is natural potato chips in ridges. I love the onion and garlic flavor, the green one. The crispiness is good and it is not salty. It comes in 22g and 60g packages. Of course I always go for the big one.

I love the original Pringles, the red one. It is carrying natural goodness in every bite. Pringles’ slogan “Once it pops, you can’t stop” is so true.

Dieters say “Eliminate junk foods and fast foods”.  Well, you don’t need to ban junk food forever from your life. Small intakes won’t do you any harm thus you have nothing to worry about. I love these junk foods but I only eat once or twice a month. Eating too much is another story. Remember that it is called junk food because it has very little or no nutritional value at all. Mostly, it is high in salt, sugar, fats and calories. Too much intake of junk foods may lead to stomach disorders, obesity, kidney problems and can also affect the heart.

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  1. junk food addicts kami 🙁

  2. Pringles original is one of my favorite potato chips =)

  3. husband and i love the ridges in green color toooo!!!

    and that pringles.. hmmmmm you go for red pala 🙂 i will always go for sour cream hihihihi

    thanks for joining GT girl!!
    tc always..

  4. im with u on pringles 🙂

    u may view mine here

  5. hmmm, oishi ridges? never heard that before….wala dito nyan eh…mukhang masarap din ah 🙂

  6. umuulan ng potato chips, haha. sarap naman kasi talaga e. i also love oishi ridges, lalo na yung cheddar cheese nila 🙂

  7. Oh! i also love ridges and pringles! but only the original flavored ones. love it!

  8. Parang nagbago pala ang packaging ng oishi..I love pringles din,talagang di mapigilang magkukot ng chichirya noh?Love ko pa rin ang sour cream n onions hanggang ngayon but I'll go for the small sizes na lang.

  9. not much on junkies, but i like PRINGLES, maybe coz it's more expensive than the others that don't buy it often, lol!

  10. ferry'zWILL says:

    Ako din Ms. Rossel, I like more of the original flavor of pringles…
    kaso gaya ng iba, like nalng hindi fave kasi quiet expensive…



  11. haha, I'm craving now for pringles and ridges. hmmhmm. yummy
    here's my entry for Girl Talk

  12. Hmm, isa ka pang chip lovers, ehehehe.. I used to love Pringles sour cream and onion, kaso lagi akong sinasaluhan ng mga bata, nagkaka durog durog, kaya nag palit ako ng fave. now, di na nila ako masamahan kumain, di na rin durog durog ang chips ko, hehehe..


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