Praise HIM

I accompanied Rhonnel to National Kidney and Transplant Institute last week. There is blood in his seminal fluid so I encouraged him to consult a Urologist. He underwent series of laboratory tests and procedures, ultrasound, urinalysis, blood chemistry and seminal fluid analysis. He got the results yesterday and went back to his doctor this morning.

I was praying the whole morning while waiting for him and the doctor’s findings. Thank God! Everything is normal, his prostate and his kidney. He just has an infection so the doctor gave him an antibiotic to be taken for 2 weeks and Hemostan to stop the bleeding. The doctor’s fee and the procedures cost us P6,000++ ($125) but it doesn’t matter. What important is, nothing is serious in his condition.

Once again, God heard my prayers. HE is so good. Praise HIM!

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  1. I am glad to hear that! Glory to God…Take care!

  2. I am happy that your hubby is okay. It always for our own good if we see a doctor as soon as their is something wrong in our body. Kaya ako Ross, I try my best to consult my doctor as soon as I feel something strange in my body. Before I just took it aside kasi walang pambayad pero ngayon kahit na medyo mahal but I just close my eyes and try not to worry about the money.

    Musta na Ross? Thanks always for the visit kahit na I can't visit you back as often as before. Take care always and have a nice day.

  3. Praise God for that tokaya! God is great talaga all the time, don't worry kikitain mo naman yan sa blogging eh..

    I have an inspiring post to continue blogging and a campaign against paying post baka you want to join.

  4. It's sad to hear when someone is sick..But I am glad that everything turned normal for him. 2 weeks of anti biotic should cure his infection. I am taking a high dosage of anti biotic for my Gastritis, there's a H. Pylori bacteria that caused erosion in the lining of my stomach, and hopefully I will be fine after taking all my meds.

    Take care. God is good, he hears when we ask for him..

  5. Ok! yes God always heard prayers!

    Godbless today!

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