Preserving Memories Through Reality Video

I wonder how some memory is sustained over long periods and some just vanished. I love to reminisce and while there are some memories that seem to persist forever, there are also events in my life that I can’t recall. Or rather, I can recall the event but can’t remember the people I was with and the place where it was held.
Each memory in our head is equally important and because our life is worth recording, journals and pictures are not enough. For special occasions like weddings and corporate events, a video coverage from a highly experienced videographer and video editor is a must.

For a wedding video with distinctive presentation and professional feel, you can contact Buddy Gancenia. His wedding videos are highly personal and unique. It is a reality video so no two wedding videos are alike. Below is a sample of his work.



Buddy Gancenia is one of the best corporate, events, wedding videographer in the Philippines. He worked as a Sr. Video Editor of Sharon, ASAP, Game KNB? and Pinoy Big Brother in ABS-CBN 2 and Sr. Line Producer-Director for Negosiyete and Agrisiyete, which both aired on GMA 7.

You can contact him for your corporate videos not only to cover special events but for the promotional videos, internet video production and training videos as well. From his work in the mainstream broadcast industry, he has learned and mastered the skills needed to take the craft of videography beyond the broadcast industry and within reach of people such as you.

A picture maybe worth a thousand words but it is not enough to re-live some of the most significant moments of your life. Buddy Gancenia would hold the answer to preserving your memories through reality video.

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