Pretty in Pink

Pink is the color of universal love and as they say a lover of beauty favors pink. I am a beauty lover but I do not like color pink much. I do not hate it either. It is just that I do not look good in pink. But my daughter RJ, I find her cute in pink.

RJ in her pink backless top. Isn’t she pretty in pink?

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  1. Better late than never. Visiting for Pink Fridays #58. 😀

    Pink Thoughts – Home of Pink Fridays

  2. blog hopping thru PF. Scared pa ang toddler ko sa animal rides, hopefully someday.

    Pink Friday: Playful Pink

  3. Pretty in Pink ni RJ…

    Piggy Bank

  4. she is really comfortable in cam.

    happy pf!

  5. Little girls really look good in pink. =)

  6. Laki naman ng mga stuff animals

  7. RJ is really so pretty in pink. Pink is the universal feminine color because it represents the daintiness of females. I find pink so pretty in women. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  8. Pink have the tendency to make every girl look so sweet. 🙂

    My Pink Friday

  9. pretty like mum! enjoy cya kaayo =)

    my entry here

  10. melandriaromero says:

    she’s so adorable. My baby loves to ride that animal ride too.

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    Men in Pink

  11. she’s a sweetie…and i love her smile! have a great weekend! 🙂

  12. really pretty in pink..oh theres a pink pig at the back..cute din..

    happy pink friday!

    care to visit mine?


  13. dropping by here! mahilig din si ykaie sumakay sa ganyan…

  14. i’m agree she’s pretty in pink .. please visit my first entry in pink fridays, thanks

  15. very nice photos of pink :-); RJ looks very cute on pink!

  16. Nice smile too!

  17. she is, indeed, pretty in pink.

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