Problems In Public Schools

It is enrollment time again. May is the enrollment month here in the Philippines. Classes in public schools will start on June 1 and June 8 on private schools. This is the school where we enrolled our daughter for her second grade. It’s a big school, catering pre-school to college, with good facilities. Trees are surrounding the whole campus and there are cottages where the students can stay during their breaktime. We’re glad that there’s no tuition fee increase this year though it still costs us my hubby’s whole 13th month pay plus a little from our savings just for the tuition fee down payment and books, uniform and other school supplies are excluded. It is quite a fortune sending our children in private school but we don’t mind because it is the only wealth we can give to our dear daughter…good quality education.


I have nothing against public schools because I am a graduate of public school, elementary and high school, but because of the problems and current situation of the public schools, we can’t afford to send our child there. During our time, the maximum student per classroom is 30. Nowadays, public schools in NCR and its suburbs have 70-100 students per classroom. Wow! The teacher must be very good to handle these number of students. In some schools, 2 classes are sharing in a classroom or having their classes on corridors or under the tree. There are also schools that divided their classes into 3 shifts, 3-4 hours per shift. I wonder if the students can learn in such short period. Comfort room is also a problem. Imagine a school of 500 students with just 1 comfort room to share with. Plus text books with wrong information and contents. (sigh!!!)

Lack of classrooms and good facilities in public schools is the same problem the Department of Education is facing every year for years now and yet the government can’t resolve this. The government must give priority and big budget to education. We are paying taxes and yet our children can’t have affordable quality education. 

Why can’t YOU traditional politicians resolve important issues? Stop pulling down your political opponents. Just work hand in hand…will you? Please?!


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  1. Hi Rossel! I like your new blog template! Nice! 🙂

    Yes, this is indeed a sad reality in our country. Kawawa talaga ang mga bata. Sana the government will do something about this.

  2. amiable amy says:

    Tama ka girl, i work as a first grade teacher for 12 years in a public school and i was handling 50 pupils each year. Sometimes its 60 pupils. Very crowded so, it is up to the teacher how to make the class conducive to learning. I missed my room and my old pupils. Anyway, that is a problem that is hard to fix really. This is a good post to reach out.

  3. woww 70-100 that’s a lot.. even if there is an assistant teacher is not enough to teach those students.

    I spent my elementary in a public school and we were just about 25 to 28 students in our section.

    have a nice day

  4. 70-100! Kahit na siguro matulog ang iba nyan hindi na mapansin ng teacher. I also came from a public school since elementary. Pero di pa ganyan nuon.

  5. Haay, it’s a fortune talaga to send kids to school. I also studied in a public still when I was in grade school, tama ka, konti lang kami nun. Ngayon ibang-iba na.

  6. enrollment na naman pala 😉 gosh, i’ve heard that matriculation costs the moon these days! goodluck!

  7. And to think primary education should be the foundation of the child’s learning process. Eto yung crucial part sa learning process kaya nakakalungkot talaga isipin marami tayong mga bata ngayon na di natin alam kung merong natutunan o wala.

    I am forever thankful to my mother, na talagang ginapang kaming magkakapatid na makapag aral sa private schools and university para lang mabigyan kami ng magandang kinabukasan and better lives than them!
    Your daughter is very blessed to have responsible, loving, caring and thoughtful parents like you!
    God bless you always…

    Rossel, magbabakasyon ako sa 20th ng june sana makita ko kayo ni tatotz!

  8. Hi Rossel, I guess most politicians don’t practice what they preach.
    Before elections, they will promise you the moon and stars. Once elected, you don’t see them till next elections.
    Maybe you should apply come live in Canada.
    Schooling is free, books free till High School and College is government subsidised.

    You keep well and stay easy, best regards, Lee.

  9. Hay naku iba na talaga ngayun! Hinahati hati pa nga nila ang oras minsaN sa isang classroom e 3-4 na klase ang gagamit.Sa sobrang dami ng students na ina accomodate nila.

  10. it’s okay to study in a public school before but now things are different. and it’s never wrong to invest on your child’s education.

  11. 70-100, oh my goodness, how can they learn?

  12. Wish they would listen to your plea, i feel bad for the children..

  13. noon panahon natin mas ok pa sa public dahil may kalidad naman nung time na yon pero ngayon parang wala na yung kalidad na dati ay nandun lang..ang dami ba naman na tuturuan ng titser tas may mga pasaway pa na bata kaya wala ng direksyon minsan ang turo sa public pero di ko naman sinasabi na lahat ay ganun dahil may ilan pa rin naman guro sa public na ok pa din magdala ng bata sa klase

  14. this situation leads to a very big challenge for parents to personally help mold their children nalang. kumbaga sariling sikap since tingin ko naman walang politicians ang gustong makialam. mahirap ng umasa!

  15. oo nga, konti lang students noon sa public school kesa ngayon. kaya mas maganda ang turo di ba? mas me time ung teachers na matutukan turuan ung students nila.

    our country’s development and progress lies in our education system. I just hope our government will put a stop to corruption and personal gains and start helping our can’t afford students.

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