Rap and Poetry

“Gloc 9 who”? This was my first reaction when I heard his name. I am not a rap fan that is why when I heard “Gloc 9” and first saw him on GMA7’s Protégé as one of the mentors, I asked my daughter if she knows him. Then both hubby and RJ answered, “He’s a rapper”. Seem like I was the only one who haven’t heard of Gloc 9.

I was so intrigued not only by his name but also by the way he gives his opinions and comments to Protégés and so I browsed the web to check who he really is. Who would have thought that this little man is full of talents? He is a rapper, composer and musical arranger all in one. He is known as the fastest and finest rapper in the country because he can easily raps 200 words per minute…very fast yet still clear. Because of these talents, he made his way to music industry and has received multiple music awards.

I can say that I am now a big fan of Gloc 9. I like his raps because they reflect life’s reality and harsh society. For me he is more of a poet. Rap + Poetry = Gloc 9.

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  1. napadaan po pagkatapos nang napakahabang panahon.

    gong xi fa cai all the way from KL,Malaysia 🙂

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