Recycling Solutions for Greener Home and Office

Recycling and conservation should always go hand in hand whether at home or in the office. A lot of people are very conscious about recycling solutions and proper waste disposal when they are at home, but are very lax and careless about the resources they have at the office. Office administration should start implementing proper waste disposal practices in the office and give more emphasis on recycling and reusing items to save on expenditures.

recycling solutions

At home, garbage segregation is the start of any recycling efforts. Your family should be able to separate food and biodegradable items that could be composted. Items such as paper, boxes and carton maybe used for kids’ art materials, scratch papers or sold to paper mill. There are also shops that buy metal scraps for recycling purposes. Before throwing away furniture or appliance, check whether you still repair it, refurbish or recycle it into something different yet useful for your home.

Many waste collection agencies also offer recycling solutions for those who have accumulated a huge amount of paper or plastic items. These can be turned into compact balls using recycling equipment, waste balers and compactors such as those from QRC Balers then sold to paper or plastic recycling companies.
balersConservation practices that you do at home should also be replicated at work. Print draft copies in scratch papers instead of using clean new sheets. Print only when it is necessary, some files can be kept in soft copies and some people are more amenable on email and messaging instead of getting printed copies of memos and reports. Many offices have boxes and boxes of papers for disposal. The cleaner side of these can be used for routing slips, notepads or copy paper when photocopying documents for internal use of the office. Unless you really need a formal communication, you can still use these sheets and save your company a huge amount of money on office supplies.

Assigning an Enercon Officer is also a great move for energy conservation in the office. Light and air-conditioners should have a fixed running time to lessen energy consumption. Garbage segregation and proper waste disposal must be applied and strictly implemented in the office just as you do it at home. There are also waste disposal companies that cater to different types of businesses and enterprise, thus they can suggest different recycling solutions for the different type of waste materials that you have in your office.

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