Regulating Industry Pollution

Industry pollution is one of the contributors of global warming. Almost all factories pollute the earth because of waste industrial affluents, burning of fossil fuels and ozone dapletion. It also pollutes the human body and causes asthma,  other lung diseases, or worst…cancer. One dangerous type of contaminant that has been used are the polychlorinated biphenyl compounds, which are components in adhesives, plastic wraps and various lubricants that people use everyday. The industry pollution cannot be stopped. However, it can be regulated before it gets even worse.

The govenment should impose sustainable practices and eco-friendly operations in all factories. Example is by implementing the mandatory use of renewable resources. Also, construction of affluent treatment plants should be made mandatory for all factories. By adopting these sustainable practices, the factories will operate on the cutting edge of industry while strengthening their competitive advantage. And because more people are going green now it can enhance the factories’ image and also boost their profits.

As consumers, people can contribute to the regulation of industry pollution as well. How? Factories produce products that the people (the consumers) purchase. If people consume less, the factories will produce less then there will be less pollution. The good thing is, there are factories and industrial supply companies that are producing and selling eco-friendly products that people should patronize.

Pollution cannot be regulated overnight but it can in the future.

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8 replies on “Regulating Industry Pollution”

We should start an implementation from ourselves(at home) before we go out and tell others. Thanks for this post. The government and all concerns should read this.

no stopping pollution since we no longer can live without it… like cars and these factories… we can just lessen it. glad for these developments… Yahweh bless.

Although it is true that if consumers buy less, factories will produce less, and that will mean these factories will lose income, causing them to close down. But the other side of this is that the closure of these factories would mean an increase in the country’s unemployment rate.

i believe in making a step towards environmental protection… although i confess that i may not be able to sacrifice some… like driving.. but there are ways how we can cut down on damaging the environment… for me… when i am just going somewhere near or if im going to manila and have to transfer somewhere close… i walk instead of drive or ill just take public transportation…

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