Reminiscing is one of my favorite past times whenever I am alone and have nothing much to do, browsing old love letters and old pictures or even watching the video coverage of our wedding. I was looking on our wedding album this morning and the first thing I saw in our wedding album was our wedding invitation. It is attached on the album’s first page. Because our motif was old rose and silver, our wedding invitation is old rose with silver ribbon and the letters are silver. It is a simple invitation and my husband and I both like it. We chose it personally in fact. But sometimes I am having this thought that we should have gotten out of the box and had chosen a unique wedding invitation. My husband and I are unique individuals and our wedding must have reflected that.
Example of unique wedding invitations is a photo wedding invitation like the one in the picture. Oh I so love this invitation but it is a new design and not available yet during our time. It has a large, black pocket that holds the invitation on one side and the enclosures on the other for a unique perspective. The pocket is accented with a black foil swirl design. The photos are printed at the bottom of the bright white, z-fold invitation of textured paper, names at the top and a verse, along with wording and wedding information. Very beautiful and unique indeed!
We will be getting married again on our 25th wedding anniversary, 15 years from now, and I will make sure that all accessories for our silver wedding will be unique including the wedding invitation.

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  1. Another interesting post, I appreciate it. I’ve made a point of reading more topics you made and I enjoyed it. Cudos.

  2. Miles Simper says:

    More good posts, I see. I am pleased I checked it out again. Cudos

  3. wow! god luck on that!

  4. sayang,walang masyadong magandang invitation cards design before ako kinasal–I'll make sure to choose the best design sa kasal namin ni Jenson Button next time!ehe!^_^

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